How do professional gamblers/hookers rent apartments?

I’m trying to get an apartment in Vegas, and everybody is insisting on seeing paystubs (a verifiable job) before even letting you fill out an app. How do guys in non-traditional jobs do it?

If you’ve been at it long enough, an income tax assessment would demonstrate income. A higher end escort who works regularly could make pretty good money and declare some or all of it to show an income that would easily cover rental of a good place. Gamblers in the USA are supposed to claim it as income (I’d assume the only ones who actually make a profit are poker players and the really professional sports bettors.)

A big wad of money helps too. People will often accept wads of money in lieu of a lot of other things, especially private rentals. When I got divorced, I offered a few landlords six month’s rent in advance. They all thought it was a terrific idea - after all, if I can so easily offer six months’ rent, I must be a good risk, right? (Admittedly in my case, being a professional-looking guy in his 30s with a little girl in tow would dispel a lot of concerns.) Ironically I ended up going to a guy I showed my income tax assessment to anyway, but it was very, very easy to strike a deal, I found. A successful gambler or a good independent escort, or with a good agency, could stay with a friend for four months and easily build up the cash to make such an offer.

Or you could also hold down a regular job just long enough to establish an income. Not long ago I found out an acquaintance of mine I knew through the comedy business was a successful escort. In her case she also had a day job which was enough to show some income, so she could rent a place and show the government how she got by. Meanwhile, she built up mad stacks. After two years she went and bought a house with all the money she’d hoarded and quit to spend more time at her day career. She works in finance and knew her money. I doubt you’d see that story in your crack-addled streetwalker, but they don’t live in nice apartments.

Yeah I tried the cash up front thing, and got turned down so far.

Dangit, I should have saved a copy of my income tax forms.

Just let them know that you’re a hooker. Maybe they’ll cut you a break.

from the IRS: Topic 156 - Copy of Your Tax Return – How to Get One

As touched on above, if you have the cash you can get it done. Bank statements, tax records, etc. And I’m sure there are independently wealthy people that probably do something similar if they don’t get a regular paycheck. They really just want you to prove that you can pay the rent.

Actually the place I called today said it’s a company policy that the renter be employed, their hands were tied without it.

There was an ad on craigslist today about making fake pay stubs too.

They stay in long-term stay motels, the homes of friends or acquaintances or they stay in lower income housing mostly. Some rent trailers in the numerous mobile home courts which dot the Valley. Some stay in RVs at long-term lots.

Side note: If you are indeed experiencing serious difficulty obtaining housing in Las Vegas I would advise you to go to the Clark County Housing Authority or the Salvation Army (or both) depending upon your income level. They both have contacts around the area and they should be able to assist you in finding housing.

Side note 2: Too bad you weren’t relocating to the area in 2007-2009. You could have gotten a HOUSE for what you’ll likely pay for rent in a decent area in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas. The housing bust really wiped out the market in the area and decent homes were for sale for as little as $15-20k.

Apartments weren’t asking for pay stubs then as people were fleeing the city in droves.

Good luck.

Actually, it’s still like that in Reno, but there’s not enough poker action up there.

I didn’t have to verify employment when I first moved there and rented an apartment, but I answered a roommate wanted ad and the roommate vouched for me. I wasn’t even listed on the rental agreement, and the landlord was fine with that.

I’m from The Biggest Little City.

I hadn’t been back since 2007, but I go to Vegas at least three times a year (family, not gambling). I thought that Reno had “turned the corner” especially since they are rehabbing Wells Avenue and the downtown.

Maybe I should look into buying a house there and renting it out…:wink:

My friends rented out their house while they went to CA for a year or more. They rented to a guy who gave them cash up front for the last 6 months rent and a couple of thousand more for security. They assumed he was a drug dealer of some kind, but he was well dressed and drove a nice car. It all worked out, he paid his rent on time for the first 6 months. When the year was up they sold the house because they ended up staying on the west coast. The realtor told them he left the place spotless.

eta: This was before the days of civil forfeiture and other insanity, I don’t think it’s a good idea to rent to a suspected drug dealer these days.

Now, let’s assume I’m an upstanding, law-abiding, church-going and perhaps somewhat naive citizen who leads a sheltered life: Am I supposed to be suspicious when a friendly young man in a nice suit wants to rent a property I happen to own and is willing to pay the rent for 6 months in advance?

I would be. I’d also be suspicious of an upstanding, law-abiding, church-going citizen who claims to be naive and sheltered.

Or even easier - request your transcript. I did a test on my own return by requesting online, and I had it in seconds.

I called about 15 different apartment complexes, and about half insisted on some form of verifiable income, the other half would accept bank balances/tax forms.

Believe it or not:

You’re shocked and amazed, I know.

She was upfront about most of her business was outcall, but she needed a nice-looking house in which everyone would vacate on notice that she had a john coming over, and wanted the illusion of being the owner of the place.
Yes, she actually did offer to pay “in services”.

At least it was a it different tan the usual "will sweep the floor once a year in exchange for rent (and food, and wifi, and cable, and laundry, and garage storage for my “upscale” car.

Escorts who work for an agency would be able to produce evidence of employment.