How do teens get nostalgic these days? (musicaly)

Ok for the purposes of this thread I’ll define what I mean by “nostalgic”.

I mean what bands to teens or young 20’s listen to these days that are slightly before their time?

Like take me for example. I spent my teenage years in the 80’s. Back in the 80’s the bands that were cool with my crowd were bands like Ozzy, Iron maiden or Motley Crue ect… But if I (or we as in my friends) were ever feeling nostalgic, we’d listen to bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple ect…

Now granted, some of these bands were still around when I was a teenager but still they were considered in the “golden years” of their career.

So how about it teen’s or parents of teens or what ever. How do teens get nostalgic these days?

I’m not really sure I’m following you. Are you asking me, as a 22 year old, what recent bands I listen to that are no longer at the top of the charts? If so, it’s mostly early to mid-nineties alternative and grunge.

Foo Fighters; Pearl Jam; Nirvana; Blind Melon; Alice in Chains; and even the occasional Hootie and the Blowfish if I’m feeling particularly sappy. (everyone needs a guilty favorite)

The strange thing is, I grew up listening to country and didn’t listen to any of these bands when they were popular and only discovered most of them after the turn of the millennium when I discovered Tool in particular and rock in general.

I’m also 22. A great deal of the music I listen to is ‘before my time.’ Bob Marley, Howlin’ Wolf, Hendrix, Cream, the Beatles, and of course, the early days of the Allman Brothers, etc. I don’t consider this nostalgia. It’s not a longing for a past era (there’s no common era with that group of bands anyway), I just like the music. I listen to some newer bands as well, though the some of groups above are a big influence on those.

On the other hand I do sometimes get a little nostalgic for the music I liked in the early '90s. There are emotions associated with listening to Nirvana and Alice in Chains, which I still do once in a while- mostly I think “this stuff was so good, and the bands that copied it were so bad…” I’ve gained a little bit more of an appreciation for music I used to just like because I thought it sounded cool. And we all know how things turned out for those bands, too. When Layne Staley died I hadn’t listened to AiC in years, so I was surprised by how much it brought me down. I had some of their stuff on tape at home, so I went and bought it on CD. And after I was done listening with that, I put some of my Nirvana tapes on for the first time in close to a decade. It’s still really good. I don’t miss how life was when I was 12-14, but the music holds up.

I’m not nostalgic for the early '90s or any part of the '90s musically: most of it sucked. But as far as the stuff I liked that’s gone now? Yeah, I miss that.

I’m 24. I guess my nostalgia button gets pushed by things from around when I was 10-12 - early stuff by Prodigy, Orbital, the Manics. Strange to think of it as nostalgia, though…

I’m 17.
I get the longing for the good ole days of Green Day and Offspring back around 39/Smoothe-Dookie and then Smash for Offspring. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains on occasion; however, I listen to an Alternative Rock station and nirvana is played more than anything else… among the other bands :rolleyes:.

I definetely get nostalgic for Rage Against The Machine… I miss that the most :frowning:

  1. Uh, for pure, unadulterated “flash back to your first kiss” nostalgia: the Backstreet Boys.

hides face in shame