How do the current list of Mods identify themselves as to gender?

How many males?
How many females?
How many other?

Current count is 2 female (puzzlegal and raventhief) and 10 male (the rest).

Honestly, I don’t see how any of this anybody’s business but theirs.

Yes, but if they posted to that, it is now public SD knowledge.

Some people prefer to be addressed using the appropriate pronouns.

Of course…and those of them who care are free to answer, or not.

It has been an issue for some time that diversity is desirable among the moderation staff, especially with respect to moderating on misogyny issues. For some time, we did not have any female moderators. So I think transparency on that particular issue is warranted.

Fair enough. As long as all the mods are cool with it, I am too.

Then, shall we know if there any moderators of any other protected class? Of color? With disability? Muslim?

No. .

Issues related to misogyny have been controversial on the board recently, so I think transparency about gender of the staff is relevant. While we do seek diversity in other respects, these have been less of an issue.


Sorry, I thought you were making a joke.

That there was only 1 PoC mod (and is Asimovian still a mod?) was very much an issue. You may not have seen it, but it was. Still is, I should say.

To be fair, he said “less of an issue.” With misogyny, it was so bad that the female Dopers got together and pleaded for changes. That hasn’t happened with PoC Dopers, which suggests the problem is not considered as bad.

That said, there have been plenty of times where the mods were accused of not properly dealing with racism, so I can’t see how knowing their racial makeup is any different from knowing their gender makeup.

Of course, as said before, it’s up to them to decide what to reveal. No one is obligated to tell you their race, gender, or any other personal information.

(I’m curious if this is post will be treated like I’m finding a position acceptable to both sides, or if I just made both sides mad at me. I always try for the former.)

It’s not relative to how bad it was, I’m sure. More relative to proportions in the populace.

Having said that, the place is a lot better around race nowadays - partly the result of restructuring of GD, partly the changes in mod staff, partly the banning of several long-time racists.

But moderation staff being even more diverse would be better still.

So I’m a White Male in my 50s and married.
In case you couldn’t guess, from New Jersey.

The current staff:
Ed_Zotti our Admin

9 moderators

At the top of every forum we list which mods are the moderators for said forum.

As an example:

FYI, Jonathan_Chance is still listed as a mod on GD…

I’ll fix that.

And RickJay

As I said, it is less of a problem than the misogyny issue. And I said that diversity is desirable in general.

Oh Crap!
I’m so sorry. I’ll fix my post above.

Aha! The anti-Canadian bias of the Mods is shown once again!