How do we teach our children?

A thread on another board prompted me to post THIS.
(Here is the subject… HERE.)

However, this educator brings up the real (to me) point of the matter. And I deeply respect what this educator has to say about our current education system .

So my question is; how do our dedicated educators like this fellow deal with these situations now?
I’m not saying that this hasn’t been happening for a long time. However this is a REAL problem and much worse.

I cannot stress this enough! This is a REAL problem for our educators. Please read the post and perhaps you have some ideas.

I forgot to post the mans THREAD.

I suspect that teachers have some sort of reporting/referral resources for identifying at risk children. Beyond that I’m not sure how a teacher is supposed to directly impact a family situation without compromising their duty to educate in a classroom.

Volunteerism is the main thing we could all do. This burden shouldn’t necessarily fall to the teachers alone.

What does the parody article from the humor site The Onion have to do with it?