How do you balance planning with action?

So I am the CEO of a bootstrap technology startup and I am having what I am sure is a classic struggle with balancing planning with action.

I realize now like may entrepreneurs that I did not do as much research and planning as I should have before launch. Of course, we also have needed to change some basic strategies after we test marketed our product.

So now I have the challenge of redoing some of the basic business planning for our company but also needing to take action on a daily basis to move us forward.

I was thinking about this and it is like being a general in the middle of a war. You may have a plan, but then everything starts blowing up around you and you have to react- but you still want to sit down and plan…but you have to act now or everything will be destroyed…sigh.

Do you have any nice nuggets of wisdom for this?
Any books you have read that might help me just hear someone talk about there incredibly wise thoughtful daily method for approaching this type of situation?

Or just do I work 24 hours a day for months until I feel like all is recovered…or I burn out?



Well, Matt, we hired one of those organizational specialists…e.g. a soccer mom with a lot of time on her hands and a penchant for organization - - or at least that is what I thought when we hired her.
She came in [$250 for one visit, 100 for an additional 4 1-hour visits] and literally went through every process we had and reorganized it. From how we read and react to emails to where we put work requests and calendar items. It was quite amazing and I would recommend her in the future, in fact I already have.

So, aside from workflow software like workzone, hiring someone to be face to face and see what you have in front of YOU is the best way I can think of. If you have a little capital, it’s a good investment.