How do you clean projection screen TV's

I own a older model Magnavox projection screen 54" TV… The screen is one of those sorta… lined “rough” screens… I am trying to figure out what is the best way to clean it and I am scared to just randomnly try stuff on it so I don’t mess it up…

Anyone have any advice on this?

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If you want a cheap cleaner that works OK a solution of water and white vinegar will work safely but it has no anti-static properties.

Projection TV Screen Cleaner

Yeah I did find a few items such as these but I was wondering if it was safe to just use something like a damp clotch with water only?

Negative on the vinegar. Vinegar is acetic acid. You should not use cleaners with acid or ammonia on a TV screen. Use a solution of 50% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and 50% water. That is what laptop screen manufacturers recommend for cleaning LCDs, so if it’s safe enough for plastics, it’s safe enough for glass, even with the typical antireflective optical coatings they use these days. Some companies produce expensive screen cleaning fluids that are nothing but rubbing alcohol and water, just as I described. You can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost.
Your screen most likely has that optical coating that will be damaged from abrasion or harsh chemicals. It is essential that you do NOT use paper towels when cleaning the screen. They are too abrasive and will scratch up the screen over time, and wear off the coating. I recommend either a soft, well worn rag of flannel or TShirt material, or else go to a camera store and buy a box of “Photowipes” which are soft tissues designed for use cleaning camera lenses. That’s what I use.
Of course, I’m assuming you have a rear-projection screen, rather than the two piece projector and screen (like a movie theater). Those screens are a whole nuther kettle of fish. I’d just blow it off with compressed air and mostly leave it alone. Reflective screens are very easy to damage.
Oh… one more plug for my favorite product. TVs and other electronic appliances have a static charge when operating and attract dust like a magnet. I discovered a wonderful product, Endust for Electronics. It comes in a small 4oz bottle, just spray some on a rag, wipe down the plastic case of the TV, and it will leave an antistatic coating on the plastics. This will radically cut down on the amount of dust your TV collects. But don’t get any on the screen, it’s just for plastics and will mess up your nice clean glass…

Remember, a clean machine is a happy machine!

I don’t want to suggest anything other than to read the manual about doing something like that or read about it at the manf web site.

Water won’t damage it (use distilled or filtered if you’ve got it), as long as you don’t allow it to drip down the screen into the cabinet. Make sure it’s a soft cloth as anything that’s abrasive will leave scratches.

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