How do you clean smudges off a flat-screen monitor?

Back in the day with CRTs it was SO easy! Now my new monitor, after only a few months, is all covered in smudges and I have no idea how the fuck to get them off.

Any tips? Is there a cheap and easy trick I could use, or do I have to shell out for some kind of special cleaner?

This looks like good advice.

This looks like the best price on what I use.

Wet/dry pads are da bomb for cleaning flat screens!

Isopropyl alcohol (and only isopropyl is safe), or warm water, and a very soft cloth.

What cleaning products are safe to use on what types of screens varies. Go to the manufacturers web site and get their info on who to clean screens. While the chances are quite high that your screen would be damaged by ammonia (Windex etc.), some can be damaged by alcohol.

And be sure to use a tiny amount. A fraction of a spray on a lint-free cloth (e.g., a microfiber cloth).