How do you crack your back?

Whenever I started getting an ache in my lower back I was able to simply lean back in one of those desks they had in high-school and everything would “snap” back into place. Well unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I was unable to sneak one of those desks under my gown at graduation (you do not know embarrassment until you have had a desk fall out just as you are receiving your diploma).

Anyway, I wanted to know how I can crack my back myself. I have been told this is possible, we have all seen the bit in sitcoms where one character grabs another, sort of lifts them in the air, and WOW, everything is all better!

So, do any folks know how this is done? Or do I have to go to a Chiropractor and spend a hundred bucks?

PS, any mention of street cracks will earn you immediate pummeling.

you’re right, those high school desks were great. but here’s how to crack your back anywhere:

sit upright in your chair, secure your feet against the legs the chair, in a manner so that your upper body can swivel freely without moving anything below your waist. swivel to one side and grab the back of your chair. now with your hands, pull yourself to swivel even further than your body should allow, and there ya go–cracked back.

you can also have someone put their arms around you, just below your shoulders, and have them pick you up. make sure you are relaxed during this procedure, though, because if you tense up, you may be doing more harm than good.

The way I do it is just to lean my upper body backwards, pull my shoulders back, and tense the muscles in my back. It may help you to place your hands on the lower part of your spine.

For cracking the upper back, I place my hands palm to palm behind my back, with fingers pointing upward, then move my hands upward as far as I can.

Then again, I’m exceptionally flexible, so I don’t know how applicable this is to you.

For cracking the upper back, I place my hands palm to palm behind my back, with fingers pointing upward, then move my hands upward as far as I can.


I find that intertwining my fingers while doing this, and leaning forward as far as a can, gives more leverage and pressure.

For me, the best method is having a friend/SO who isn’t really heavy walk on your back; feet perpendicular to your spine, and have them “roll” their feet sideways. I don’t know if this is “bad” for your back, but it feels incredible…

I cheat.

I go to the chiropractor.

When I need to pop my lower back I do this, assuming you have a place where you can lay down:
Lay flat on your back, legs straight. raise your right knee and put your right foot flat on the floor close to your butt. Now place your left hand on the outside of your right knee and pull your knee across your body, keeping your left leg straight and your shoulders flat on the floor. Get as close to touching your right knee to the floor on the left side of your body as possible without hurting yourself. Don’t do this too fast and don’t try to force yourself. Straighten your right leg and put it back flat on the floor.
Now do the same with your left leg.

For my upper back, I do what TheNerd does, with intertwined fingers.

BTW, since I’ve started back to the gym and doing exercises to strengthen my back I haven’t had near as much back trouble.