How Do You Declare A 'Day'?

As I understand it, there is an ice cream day, a doughnut day. A cat day, a dog day. You get the picture.

How do you declare a day? And do you even need legislative action? And if you don’t, then can in fact anyone do it?

I guess I can tell you why I wonder this last one. The are various LGBT days and whatnot. And I know that the legislative bodies haven’t traditionally been warm to that idea. I wonder if most of them sadly would even be so now. So how do they do it then? Is it really that simple? And what is the formula then? I’m serious.

And just as a lark, and to prove my point, I declare this a day. June 8th shall now and forever more be There Are Too Many D@mn Days Day! No, calm down, I don’t really mean it. But I do it to prove a point. There. Has anything happened yet?

Thank you in advance for your civil replies :slight_smile: .

I think it works like bankruptcy maybe?

It requires two people to be official. They must clasp their cupped hands together and chant "One, two, three, four, I declare a x day! (where x is replaced with the name of the day being declared.)

Although–on reflection–I could be thinking of a thumb war.

I think it all depends on how popular your idea is. If enough people like it, then it becomes a thing.

I tried to start “national park your car in reverse day” but it never gained any traction.

The guys who came up with Talk Like a Pirate Day wrote to Dave Barry, who liked it and wrote a column about it.

A lot depends on whether enough people see an opportunity for marketing something, be it some (perceived) good cause or just greetings cards, presents or party supplies - and whether enough customers are willing to play along.

It doesn’t really need any official action, though of course it adds a bit of heft if some public authority decides to make a thing of it.

Let’s just agree it’s Dope Day all get stoned :grinning:

Actually, I think a year is too short. I’d favor having more days, not less. How about making a year a nice round 400 days?

There’s a book called “Chase’s Calendar Of Events” that you can get your “day” listed in.

There’s already a National Nothing Day that serves basically the same purpose.

That is known also as Seinfeld’s day. :slight_smile:

Oh, it is easier to get more days than that, just move to mars.

Seems I’ve been pretty diligently observing at least one holiday without realizing

Are there any days that aren’t ‘days’ ?

Catholic saints get feast days which are much less interesting than it sounds.

Here’s a post of mine from earlier this year on a related note:

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week is the most confusing one. First what is it making me aware of, the very concept of Massages? Second, why does it have an entire week?

If you had any idea how many legislators frequent “massage parlors” you wouldn’t be asking why they get an entire week. :wink:

If you don’t know these things, perhaps we need a National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Awareness Week.

Aye, there’s the rub.

Just a reminder-Today is Talk Like A Drunken Longshoreman Day.