How do you eat grapefruit?

In an attempt to eat healthy, I finally bought two of these things and attempted to eat them. I sliced them accross the middle like I hear you’re supposed to. But then I couldn’t figure out a way to insure I ate more pulp than I left on the peel. Any advice rom all you health-nut dopers out there?

Well,the idea is that using a spoon or a special grapefruit knife (I kid you not)you can wrestle out a section from a sliced grapefruit without getting most of it on your shirt… way too much work IMHO. Peel it like an orange. That works for all except the most thin skinned ones… Ruby Red’s are the best!

Which middle did you slice through? Put the stem at the North Pole and then slice through the equator. Now either get a “grapefruit” spoon (they have small serrations on the spoon tip and sides) and go to town, or use a small knife and run the blade along both sides of each septa and between the fruit and rind. Or peel it like an orange…I always feel like I get more fruit when I do it this way!

After cutting the grapefruit in half (as Stylus described) take a sharp, narrow knife (like a paring knife or a steak knife) and run it down the outside edge of each segment, cutting the segment away from the rind. (The cheap and cheesy way is to cut all the way around the outside edge, but then you cut all the membranes, compromising the stuctural integrity of the grapefruit, and that’s no good.) Now you can use a plain ol’ everyday spoon (no fancy-schmancy grapefruit spoons fer us) to scoop out the pulp. when you’re done, squeeze the grapefruit into the bowl to remove any vitamin-C-packed goodness that you didn’t manage to scoop out.

Slice, shmice - I just peel them, separate the wedges, and eat them like the big oranges they really are.

… which disgusts my wife no end. Beats me why.

Sheesh! I’ve been searching for a “still” of Jimmy Cagney teaching Mae Clark some of the finer points, but, alas…