How do you feel about uncapitalized posts?

A few weeks ago we had a thread about people who post without using capital letters. I don’t want to rehash the arguments for or against, but thought it might be interesting to see what Dopers feel about such posts.

Consistency is key. If you’re perpetuating it as part of a particular writing style I might think you’re a tiny bit pretentious (one person I know who does this is a terrible tiresome ass, so), but pretentiousness, to my mind, is a minor sin.

Doing intermittently it out of sheer cackhandedness is like a toothache in my eye, and will make my monocle fall out.

If the post appears to be written by an illiterate, I see no reason to read it.


Guilty! I try to remember, but when I am in a rush sometimes I just miss the keys.


Tho I checked the “hate” option, I may have been too hasty.

Simple lack of capitalization may not be all that horrible, provided the poster uses some paragraph structure, punctuation, whatever, to make their post readable. But when I see an uninterrupted block of uncapitalized words, I generally pass it by unread.

As a general rule, I figure if the poster is unwilling to put forth minimal effort to make their message readable, then I decline to exert the effort to decipher it.

This right here. Communication is a two way street. I realize that mistakes happen. But a generalized lack of capitalization, like really bad grammar or constant spelling mistakes, drive up the effort needed to read a post. And at a certain point it ceases to be worth the effort.

I’m with Dimsdale on this one, though I selected “Don’t like it”. If the poll had been “How do you feel about posts that clearly have no attempt at all made at such niceties as capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar or formatting?” I definitely would have answered “Hate to a point where I will not read it”.

Though even that’s not entirely adequate. Sometimes I will read it (if it’s not too long) just so I can mock the poster in question. . .because almost invariably, posts without punctuation, grammar, etc. are also pretty much just stream-of-consciousness bull-shit nonsense. IMHO, of course. :wink:

I don’t care if the poster is Shakespeare composing a new sonnet- if there’s no attempt at capitalization or punctuation, it comes off as illiterate and YouTubesque. I also get annoyed at bad grammar and spelling, which isn’t really fair given the amount of speeling misteks I make.

What if the poster is e e cummings? :wink:

It slightly annoys me, but not enough to lose respect for the poster or anything.

Would have to be a zombie thread, right?:stuck_out_tongue:

Wait. . .e e cummings is a zombie now?

I thought he was just, like, dead or somethin’. :wink:

If there’s no punctuation, no paragraphs, etc., then no, I don’t read it.

Unless it’s something that’s really going to make me laugh at the person, like one of those really long misspelled posts about how tough it is to have an affair with a married man or omg they wouldn’t let me float a check for a week or something. I read those because I’m a terrible person.

“Hate it to the extent I often don’t read them.”

If I see a post like that, the next thing I do is check the join date in the upper right corner. If it’s within the last 6 months, I’ll skip the post. If it’s an older poster, then I will attempt to read it (same with all caps, different fonts, et al).

We finally have a vote for “prefer them”. Would that poster care to identify themselves and explain? Or is it just a habitual non-caps poster trying to muster up some support for his/her sinful habits?

Interesting - I am the other way round. If it is a newbie, I may give them the benefit of the doubt that they have not yet worked out how things are done on these boards.

But if it is a long-standing poster, I assume they must be being deliberately perverse as they must have worked out by now that almost everybody else takes the trouble at least to attempt to use standard rules of punctuation, spelling etc.

I don’t find a lack of capitalization makes posts significantly more difficult to read. So I don’t have any problem with them. That some people would dismiss the post/poster for it seems laughably shallow to me.

An uncapitalized post makes me *more likely *to disregard what’s in it, but I don’t “hate” it, per se. Actually, there’s a better chance that I’ll just assume the poster is a teenager (I, personally, went through an “I hate the shift key” phase in high school, at least with regard to posting things online.)