How Do You Find Closed Topics?

Back in January when I first subscribed, I was following a string about a tool that was purchased in an junk/antique shop. Everyone was giving opinions to what the item was. I can’t find the thread anymore.

Here are some clues that I can recall:

German markings on the tool

Extremely clear pictures were posted

The general consensus was the tool was perhaps a piston opener or a tool made for a specific industry or car company (i.e. Volkswagen or Mercedes Benz)

I’m just curious what the final verdict was.

Thanks for any info

I remember that thread…

here it is.

By the way, I found by using Boardreader, by using the key words “tool german antique dope” (without the quotes). It was the first thread listed.

And, the end result suggests it was:

Help me identify this tool, please.

I did a search in GQ titles within the last month, for “tool”.

You guys are great! Thanks!

I’m glad they finally have an answer.

After a while I’m sure to get the hang of things around here!