How do you get 10 sqaure miles of grey ooze

I ran into this story

Basicaly a company was drilling an exploritory well something went wrong and now there is an endless supply of gray stuff taking over.

My question is how does that much volume of stuff make its way out of one well?

Wow. They’re going to have trouble with that…gray ooze is immune to fire and cold damage. Best bet is to bludgeon it to death with a cheap wooden club…edged weapons will cause it to split into multiple oozes…

While an ooze is not necessarily a Goo, it IS related to one. I recommend that they use butterfly nets.

“Goddam it, Sheriff, Do you know how many investors are coming to the grand opening? I don’t care what that lady scientist says, I’m not going to let you put everyone in a panic with some cockamamie story about some gray ooze!”

Well, you can’t say they aren’t doing everything in their power. What a weird story. Poor Indonesia has really been getting screwed by nature lately.

Wait a minute.

… stench of rotten eggs … spewed up through a crack in the earth …

The turtle laid an egg. The egg is the Earth. The egg is about to hatch!

Dang. Beat me to it. Watch out for that Improved Grab (Ex).

Yes, the turtles are coming home to roost.

Oh, shit.

We’ve all got maybe two weeks to live.

Maybe it’s related to Oobleck. In which case there’s a text by a prominant Doctor they can refer to for help.

A guess by not being able to do anything about it for three months. If I left my tap running for three months (without a drain) I’d come back and find my house has collapsed. It just takes time.

I for one welcome our new nanotech overlords.