How do you get Free Internet?

Does anyone have a website recommendation for free internet access? And, are these sites slow due to excessive pop-up ads, for example?

  • Jinx

I am not aware of any free internet access, except maybe NetZero–they all went belly-up or switched to pay services. The one I used, BlueLight from Kmart, did away with their freebie unless you buy a set amount from their website. They suck, and before I give my credit card number to Kmart Fallapart over the web, I’ll drive 5 miles to the freaking store.

Juno merged with NetZero and it still sucks. The ad banners are ubiquitous, they slow the whole thing down to a baby’s crawl. Plus, they only allow you a very limited number of on-line hours per day, some incredibly low number like, I dunno, :rolleyes: “two” :rolleyes: and if you exceed that, then you get a cheerful error message, “Sorry, you’re an Internet hog, you can only log on after 3 a.m. from now on, no second chances, no apologies solicited or accepted”, no kidding.

Pay the man, Jinx. Ain’t no such thing as Free Internet any more. :frowning:

We’ve got free MSN until next April because the new computer we bought last April came with 1 year’s free MSN. I suppose in 6 months we’ll have to bite the “Pay the man” bullet ourselves. [sigh]

Sure, check to see if they have a nbr near you.

Isn’t MSN only $12 from costco?