How do you get on the next "house" (Colonial House, Manor House, etc.) show?

Obviously, it gets posted somewhere. (And clearly they wouldn’t take us - we used to be in the SCA, we know too much about history, we’re unlikely to require more than one scarlet letter at a time, etc.) But I’m sure we’d miss the casting call - is there a list or something you can be on? I checked the most recent show’s web page and there was no FAQ like there are on some of them about how to get on a show.

We’ve been working our way through the DVDs in order of production, which is interesting as we learn how the concept evolves and changes and learns from evil colonial bitches who were never on board with the concept to start with, if you know what I mean. And man, we are ready. We have already had an argument about gendered labor division, is how ready we are. So… how do we do it? We’re willing to try and try and try (hell, Jeopardy still has until May to call me before I can try out again.)

The recent ones were made at Channel 13 ( I remember seeing ads for recruiting for “Texas Ranch House” on their website (I considered applying) but I don’t remember how I came to visit their website. That is to say, I feel like I must have read they were taking applications somewhere else.

Hm, that wasn’t much help.

No, it isn’t! :slight_smile: Really, I read about the online Jeopardy auditions here on the SDMB, but I figure we’d all be a little more secretive about something that takes, what, ten people every three years? (CALL ME, ALEX. THREE MORE MONTHS. I ACED THE IN-PERSON TEST.)

The “Colonial House” FAQ had this to say about the application process for a future “House” show (turns out to be Tex Ranch House) which was already in the planning stages at that time.

By contrast, this info was not included on the “Texas Ranch House” website, suggesting no new episodes are currently planned.

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Yeah, I noticed that - looked all over the Texas one’s website.