PBS Colonial House Airs Monday (Minor General Spoilers)

Colonial House will air May 18, 19, 24 & 25. Looks like we have 21 human and two canine colonists taking part.

The Governor’s house has nine residents.

The Heinz house has three.

Six in the Voorhees house and three in the Freemen’s house.

The few previews I’ve seen show what seems to be a fairly happy group of people. I wonder how much more or less of a challenge this will be than Pioneer House. I suppose it not being a contest between the families (as far as I know) will take some pressure off.

Plus, according to previews:

Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gail show up as surprise visitors. That pisses me off. Just because Oprah calls and asks to be on the show we have to suffer that. Gag me. I hope she isn’t a permanent fixture of the colony.

No doubt, if that spoiler’s true than she’ll be treated like a black person would’ve been in the 17th century.

Right? :wink:

Go read up on your history of the Colonies in the 17th century, ArchiveGuy, and see what you find. You might be surprised.

I actually applied for that show 'cos I thought it was the coolest one of the deal, but apparently they didn’t want anyone with actual re-enacting experience. How lame is that?! :mad:

I got to watch this thing about a month ago…PBS sent the first four episodes to members of the media. Each one I saw ran about 52 minutes, so I might have only seen edited versions. Oprah didn’t appear in any of the material I saw.

That said, the show irked the crap out of me. My recommendation is that if you must watch it, you watch at least the first two episodes, because the first one is the “getting-to-know-you” one and doesn’t really give you the interaction of the community members. I’ll also say, without giving away too much, that Oprah appearing would be the least of the sins committed by the makers of the series. There are a lot of curve-ball variables that come up that are pretty questionable, which found me shaking my head and thinking “how COULD you DO that?!?”

There are things that are predone that the colonists SHOULD have done themselves, situations that don’t harken to reality of the era, playing around with the timeframe so that people appear from “the past” and then later appear from “now.” Annoying, because all I ask from my science experiments is some degree of continuity…

I want to apply to be on 1970s House.

You have to wear double-knit polyester jumpsuits, listen to 8-tracks of KC and the Sunshine Band, watch The Sonny & Cher Show on TV, live amongst ghastly shag rugs and mirrored wallpaper, and eat Screaming Yellow Zonkers.

I’d last half a week before I snapped.