How Do You Get This Photo Effect?

If found this picture on an Internet search, and thought the effect was very interesting.

What is this effect called? Is it something you can do with Photoshop or the GIMP

Over exposure?

You could also just use Levels or Curves and slide the white point over towards gray to mimic overexposure. You might also want to play with the midtones and blacks to get the balance you want.

But, yes, easy Photoshop or GIMP effect.

Yes, simple. Just play with the gamma and contrast levels on any image/photo application.

Thanks, but when I try I don’t even come close to the effect? Is the original picture altered someway first before you apply the gamma and contrast? I’ll keep trying though, thanks

Could you link to some of your attempts so we can perhaps see what’s going wrong?

Select most of the pic. Seems they used a circle to select most of the pic, except for most of the hair, then increased the white/bright/lite/gamma/contrast (it takes tinkering, etc).

In Picasa, there are focus settings to that let you fade selected areas and narrow or widen the faded effect.

The photo has to be lit well.

Here is a picture I took of my daughter on her first day home. The technique I used to make it look like this was called ‘high key.’
To make it look more like the one in the OP, I think I would just back off on the opacity, maybe leaving the hair alone or fading it less then the rest of the picture.

I just also realized that there is still a little bit of fleshtone around his lips and the corners of his eyes. So after you made all the changes, you would turn off the original layer (you didn’t work on that layer, right), flatten all visible layers, turn the original back on and then take your eraser with an opacity of maybe 10% or so and erase those areas to bring some flesh tone back through.