how do you keep track of calls you need to make?

What is your system (do you have a system?) for keeping track of phone calls you need to make or emails you need to send? Do you have a tickler system or something for phone calls? Is there any software you would recommend for this?

I find my memory is unreliable. There are a number of people I “keep meaning to call” for either business or personal reasons, but it keeps slipping my mind. Sometimes I make a mental note that I should call or email someone, say every 3 months, but I need a more systematic way to stay on top of this.

Outlook is fine for keeping track of phone number, email addresses, etc., but is there a way to set it to remind me to check in with someone, say, every few months?

I keep the message on my phone or the e-mail in my inbox until I return it.

80% effective.

I just call/email whenever the idea strikes me.
Speaking of which picks up phone

Set up a recurring Outlook task to remind you to call every three months (or however long it is). When you check it off as completed, a new one will regenerate three months from the completion date.

I use Shadowplan from CodeJedi. A teriffic piece of software for keeping track of the things I have to do, the things I want to do, the things I’ll get around to some day. It runs an a Palm OS.

I use NoClueBoy’s method most of the time. If the list gets long, or messages are particularly urgent, or if my schedule is hectic and I might forget, I make a written list and check it off as I go. Pretty low-tech, but I can usually rely on my very good memory.

I also use a hard-copy desk calendar for all my events/deadlines/stuff to remember. It fits in my purse (for the rare times I take it with me) and doesn’t need batteries. I am both a geek and a Luddite.

l use my planner. It’s not a hard system to learn and used correctly you remind yourself. (Make a call, check it off, plan the next call for a tentative date, move forward as necessary until you make the call.)