How do you keep track of personal info: phone numbers, appointments, things to do ...

… things to buy, bills to pay, and various personal notes?

I’ve been using some form of electronic storage for the past 20 years for some of my personal information, but I don’t have a comprehensive, unified system. I’m still looking for the personal equivalent of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, accessible from my iPhone and from any computer.

Many people use various paper-based tools for tracking personal info, and I’m pretty sure that some people keep most of the info in their head rather than rely on tools or systems.

How do you keep track of all your “stuff”?

I use my droid, previous to that it was my treo, previous to that it was my palm PDA. All my stuff is backed up to my computer [honestly, other than appointments my contact list has not appreciably changed in 10 years, and I don’t tend to use things to do lists, I rarely have issues remembering what I need to do.]

I use Outlook for my calender because that is what everyone else in my gigantic company uses and honestly it works well enough.
My personal contact info is on my phone and backed up to my laptop.
When I get a smartphone I will probably use some kind of app that connects with Exchange, again because everyone I work with uses it.

I have a memory developed by keeping a diary for 47 years!

Once simething is in my brain, you couldn’t get it out by shoving a lit firecracker up my nose.

I used to use paper, then graduated to an elaborate, color-coded spreadsheet at work.

Last year I went looking for a free online tool for my personal stuff. I tried out a number of different ones, and eventually went with Todoist. I’m not sure of how their PDA/cell phone support is though, as I don’t use those.

Thanks for the responses so far, but I realize that I didn’t mention in the OP that I’m wondering about the various methods/systems that are used by people who consider themselves to be very effective at staying organized and getting things done.

Also, although I keep track of my phone numbers, addresses, appointments, tasks, and personal notes on my iPhone, each set of information is separate, rather than linked to the other sets. I’m wondering whether there is a single system that brings together many (if not all) of the various pieces of information **and **is available in a portable device.

I do, but not altogether. I have a google calendar that I use to track when bills are due and when I’m getting paid. I also have a separate google calendar for making travel plans. For phone numbers, I keep everything in my phone. I should probably back it up somewhere, but haven’t yet.

I also have a paper day planner that I use to keep track of events and plans I make. That way I don’t over book myself like I did this weekend with pretty much back to back plans from Friday after work until last night.

I’m still using a paper address book given to me by my sister some 25 years ago. There are addresses in there for people who’ve been dead for, like, 24 years. It has spaces for name, address, and phone. Yes, just 1 phone. Land line. And no space for e-mail.

I keep a composition notebook for my daily stuff, another for my medical stuff and a third for my work project. They are each bound in leather from Ple Designs

I use an iPhone for all of that except for bills to pay. Prior to that it was an iPod touch for about three months, and prior to that a Treo, another Treo, and a Palm V.

I don’t really keep track of my bills to pay. They’re all automatic, except for my credit card bills, and I only use one card right now, and I’m not even sure of the due date. I just go online bi-monthly on payday and pay the balance.

I use my Nokia N97’s calendar functions.

I have a paper diary. It works just fine, don’t need any of this fancy electronic jiggery-pokery.

Excel or OpenOffice with one file but many sheets within it. Phone numbers in one, bank account in another, things to do list, bills,passwords, account numbers, favorite websites. I keep it off the computer on a floppy disk (a memory stick would work fine). I just started tracking bills so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that. A separate budget program might be more useful but I just want to see when my quarterly bills were last paid so I know when the next one is due. I suppose I’ll add a formula that will calculate the weekly cost of normal bills so I know how much of my check is already spent. I’m going to add a financial page showing my 401K’s so I know how things are going.

I really need a “to do” list to stay focused and it consists of things to do on the left, grocery list on the right and long term projects or mental notes on the bottom.

I do the same thing for work. I have an Excel file with notes, conversion tables, work related grinder sheets, useful web sites, etc…

I was always taught to maintain hard copies of everything; never know when your electronic whatever is going to crash, so I double up everything- digital copy and hard copy. When the receipt file gets unwieldy I take it to work and condense them with the copier then scan them into pdf’s. I have all my contact info on my email client and my phone; also have them printed out and in a file at home.

Hmmm … almost exactly the same as what I’ve done, but with a diversion to a Blackberry in between the Palm V and the first Treo.

On the iPhone, what do you use to track tasks/things to do? I’m currently using Toodledo but I’m looking at other options.

For me, the main issue is linking and retrieving all the relevant info easily and reliably.

For personal stuff? In that case I use Mrs. Ispolkom. Since she’s going to be right anyway, why generate an alternative?

For bills to pay I use Quicken’s calendar. For work stuff, a paper diary does fine.

I use Yahoo for most of my stuff. Address book for names, numbers, home addresses, email addresses, etc… I use their calendar for important dates and appointments. Convenient for setting up email reminders for upcoming events. And it’s accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

A lot of it goes into my iPod Touch, since it’s always with me and can be backed up on my computer.

Things to buy: Notes app in my iPod. I have a permanent note called Shopping List, and temporary lists for special purchases.
Things to do, personal notes: Not recorded, I rely on memory
Bills to pay: Not recorded. I keep them on my desk, and my desk is kept tidy.
Contact info: Contacts app in my iPod
Birthdays, anniversaries: An app called Occasions, which syncs itself with my Contacts app
Events: Paper pocket-sized calendar, though I’m open to using an app.

I’ve recently transitioned to an Android phone. What I like about it is that it will sync my gmail contacts with my phone. I lost my phone TWICE in one month, and it was fantastic to just get a new phone have all my contacts there. I’ve been starting to use Google Calender for my appointments and it works nicely by alerting me via Gmail. I’ve got a to do list, recipes, and a shopping list in Google Docs, but that still needs some work.

I keep appointments, birthdays etc on Outlook.

The bills that are not direct-debited I pay as soon as they arrive, so I don’t need to worry about future payment dates.