How do you kill spiderwort?

It’s lovely, but it has completely taken over my yard. It’s almost impossible to pull, and it comes back bigger and more and bigger and more every time. Is there any good way to do away with this stuff without kililing everything around it?

Roundup will take care of it. You can also dig it up and give it to friends and family.

Every time I try to Roundup something I kill all my perennials within a five foot radius. Is there a better way to do it other than to spray carefully?

Get glyphosate paste and brush it on. It’s tedious, but it concentrates the nasty right where you want it. Or use Roundup with a large piece of posterboard as a shield…just keep the posterboard at the edge of the spiderwort patch, shielding everything beyond it from the spray.

Roundup should never be used on a windy day. If you do get drift or an accidental application, you can rinse the herbicide off with water and no harm will be done. I put nursery pots over plants I am concerned about harming. Apinting concentrate with a brush is also a great way to get rid over Ligustrum and Lonicera. Cut them down and paint the wound.

By the way, I think if I did that I would no longer have any friends and/or family.