How do YOU know when you're tired?

Obviously, if you start feeling tired, you know you’re tired. But sometimes you are caught up in something and don’t realize how tired you are, you know?

But some people get other “symptoms” of being tired other than just feeling tired. My fiancé gets itchy. His ex-girlfriend got cold. My eyes burn when I blink. What about you?

I get this kind of drunk feeling when I’m sleepy. I’ll feel a little tipsy, almost like I just had a glass or two of wine, but without the pleasurable buzz. More like a kind of dull sick feeling. Also, my eyes water and burn a little, ESPECIALLY if I’ve been reading/watching TV/using the computer/etc.

I get cold and hungry.

I feel nauseated if I haven’t had enough sleep. I get cold when I’m tired.

I get the hiccups.

I get very cranky. Well, more than usual, I’m always pretty cranky. I usually recognize when/why it is happening and put myself to bed, if possible.

I get a little tic in my eye.

My upright press isn’t up to snuff.

I get punchy/silly. Or sometimes it’s the reverse, and I get irritable, and withdraw — Don’t feel like talking and want to just be left alone. But I usually only get this overtired when I’m working and I’m up against the wall on a deadline, otherwise, I’d just go get some sleep and recharge.

My language skills go out the window. Which is pretty bad, as I write for a living. I remember talking to my boss after a long week and a mentally fatiguing day, gesturing to that “thing” over there and trying to come up with the word for it and generally failing. “You mean on the bookcase?” my boss gently chided. “Yes. I write for a living!” I replied. We both laughed.

My eyes get dry and achy and, when I’m getting exhausted, I get cold and nauseated.

Me too, but it is a weird nausea that makes me feel like I need to be eating constantly to prevent being ill. Right now I haven’t slept in about 30 hours due to my horrible insomnia and unless I am actively chewing something my stomach hurts. :(:mad:

I get the munchies big time.

My eyes get dry & twitchy, and I feel hungry even if I’ve eaten and shouldn’t actually be hungry.


This. Usually when I start getting really silly and giggly I know it’s time for bed. Unless I’m stressed out, and then I get very irritable.

If I suddenly get depressed and tearful for no reason late at night, I know it’s time to go to bed, right. now.

My eyes get really watery.

When I’m in semi-sleep mode (like watching a movie on the couch) then I get silly/snuggly and start talking non-sensically.

Irritable and/or unable to concentrate.

I get a feeling I describe as “a cat sitting on my head”–just kind of a diffuse feeling of something soft and heavy pushing down on the top front part of my head, and it only happens when I’m really tired. That’s my signal for “time to head to bed.”