How do you like your steak cooked?

I’m talking about a steak. Like one of these or one of these. How would you like that cooked?

Medium rare, please.

Just past “still twitching”.

About 60 seconds each side in a very hot pan please.
I ticked “as close to raw as possible”.

I ate steak medium rare (because I just couldn’t face medium) when I was pregnant, and really, really wasn’t keen.

I put “as close to raw as possible” but it isn’t that, because that is raw. I like the outside seared with an intensely high heat, but pretty much nothing else (presuming it is a good steak).

Yeah… I’m a heathen. I like it between medium & medium-well. I’ve never been able to enjoy the feel of anything raw-er. It’s better than how my parents always insisted… cooked like shoe leather.

Medium-rare, although when I was pregnant I switched to preferring rare, but am now back to medium-rare again.

Fire is what makes us different from the other animals, so leave mine on for a bit. Medium tending to medium-well is prefered. But it varies depending on the cut and cooking method.

It depends on the cut and quality, but usually medium rare and sometimes rare.

Just a quick clarification - this is for beef. Buffalo I prefer medium rare.

Another vote for medium rare.

Medium. And that’s really only in the last…five years or so. Before that I liked them well done. I can’t stand too much pink though, it makes me sick - too much cultural baggage, methinks.

On a grill, thanks.

Medium-rare, though I have lately not minded closer to the rare side, though I don’t order it that way. It’s mostly the temperature…I don’t like a cool center with the warm exterior…if the whole steak is cold, that’s fine (like leftovers…re-heating steak is just too darn annoying…the microwave will probably make it over-done and dry, and I don’t want to wait twenty minutes for the 200 degree oven to do it, so cold it is!)

No longer breathing, please.

When we go to a steakhouse, **Rhiannon8404 **has been known to order her steak “as rare as the chef is allowed to make it”.

Actually, I will order my steak anywhere from “not quite raw” to “medium rare”, depending on the quality of the establishment and the cut; at a lower-end restaurant I’m less likely to trust the chef to know how to properly prepare a very rare steak.

Medium-well for me, since I like it tender. And cooking, contrary to widespread misconception, makes meat more tender, not less, unless you cook it so long it turns to jerky (which is far, far longer than “well done”).

Or, in other words, Og like fire. Fire good. Grunt.

Medium-well, please. For eating, meat is supposed to be brown. A touch of pink at the very center is acceptable, but mostly I want brown steak.

That said, it’s difficult to find steakhouses (outside of Morton’s, etc.) that can make the inside brown without making the outside black, so sometimes I’ll accept medium.

Pittsburgh rare. My wife does a better job of it than anyone else I know. God bless her.

Medium rare please.

I’ll have a glass of red wine too, thank you.

As they say, wipe its butt, and knock off the horns.

Also, just walk by the grill with it, it be fine.

Hell, I think I could eat a steak at the grocery store in front of the meat counter.

I have eaten cannibal sandwiches (raw chopped sirloin, fresh ground pepper, slivered fresh onion, on rye bread) and they are soooo yummy.
You can die eating them, too.
(just adds to the gestalt of the experience)