How do you want your steak cooked?

I’m hosting a cookout for all the StraightDope members and guests. I just need to find out how you want your steaks cooked. Out of consideration for the rest of the guests and to keep the health department off my back, raw is not an option. But realistically speaking, blue rare is just about there.

Please use the chart here in making your selection.

Approximate cooking times here if needed.

(Poll to follow.)

Rare or blue rare I guess. I’ve never actually heard of the term before, but I’ve ordered a rare steak that was still a little cool in the center (and completely raw of course), and I loved it that way. Warm all the way through is good too, but the bloodier and rarer, the better :slight_smile:

Medium Well, and I’m not afraid to say it!

I prefer mine in the medium rare, cut it with a fork, range. I find that a medium rare done wrong most often comes out on the rare side and medium done wrong tends to fall on the well side. So I stick with what will usually get me something pink in the middle.

Medium. The inside can be pink but it MUST be fairly warm, even hot. I can’t stand meat that’s not warm; it’s gross.

Rare. The way God intended. :smiley:

And I do not add sauce or condiments of any kind.

Medium rare. I like the flavor of rare, but not the texture. Though given a choice between rare or medium, I’d definitely go with rare.

I like my steaks cooked rare. A nice lean cut, I will shave off some very thin slices raw and eat them with a dab of salt while I’m praparing everything.

Medium rare, but just to allay my husband’s fears that I’ll get a disease, I usually order medium.

At one point I mighta said medium rare. But I’ve had so many overcooked steaks when ordering MR, that I just order rare now. I either get rare or medium rare; I’ll eat either. If it comes medium and I ordered rare, I have no qualms about sending it back.

Rationally, if you get disease from a medium rare steak, you probably need to dine elsewhere.:smiley:

Can you eat meat that was cooked through and later cooled, like a chicken breast in a salad or leftover turkey? Just curious.

Medium rare, please. What time is dinner?

The question was how cooked, which I assume is for eating. Not how hot would you heat meat to insure that it could not be re-animated by a mad scientist.

The issue regarding e-coli for beef, is related to ground beef, that once ground is completely exposed to air. The outer surface of a steak is all that is exposed. The interior is not.

Rare, erring towards blue if there’s any doubt. By all means sear the outside really hard but briefly. If it doesn’t moo when I stick the fork in, it’s done enough.

Medium or medium rare. Medium rare is possibly better, but I’m less willing to err on the side of rare.

I went with medium rare, but you didn’t specify the type of steak, or it’s general features. I’d go rare for the right slice of steer.

I don’t really think rare is the best way to eat a steak. Medium rare is pretty much perfect.

Medium, with a margin of error of medium rare to medium well.

Married to a carni-hemophobe whom I’ve gently cajoled over the years into accepting medium well rather than burnt to a smoking puck. While I’m around, at least.