How do you like your tacos?

Soft corn tacos… YUMMY!

Gotta be corn tortillas, otherwise its just a little burrito.

If it doesn’t crunch it’s not a taco.

I mispicked, since my faves have spicy chunks of beef and a slash of hot sauce and wrapped in a double layer of soft corn tortillas because they smell so heavenly. And I have to go to a Chinese buffet to get them.

Maíz (the lovely ladies at the local taqueria have been diligent in instructing me on how to pronounce it) . Any thing else is either a burrito or from a Taco Bell wannabe.

Hard, southern California style - fried with the meat inside.


My shell preference is hard corn. My filling preference is cooked ground beef or pork, WITH refried beans and Cheddar or Colby Jack cheese. I want some salsa with lemon juice and salt on it, too, though I don’t always eat the salsa. I prefer to eat the lettuce with my guacamole. And I need a big glass of iced tea to wash it down. In the winter, when it’s actually chilly, I like a cup of tortilla soup, or caldo de pollo. I know a couple of great places around here where they have wonderful soup.

Soft corn and flour tortillas are also acceptable, but I vastly prefer the hard corn taco shells.

You fool of a Took … you left out taco salad - so I picked hard corn as the closest.

I just prefer it in the form of a taco salad, in a hard corn shell bowl. Much easier to eat 3 tacos of filling in a shell, then smear guacamole over the shell that is already smeared with bean goop and salad bits and snarf that down =)

I just wish the taco hell near the farm was consistent in their taco salad efforts. Some times they make a good salad, filling the shell nicely and other times it is like they put in a single kids taco amount of stuff sigh

Am I the only one here who doesn’t much like tacos in any form? I’ll eat them if I have to, but luckily I haven’t had to for twenty years. It’s not so much the flavor I object to, although I really dislike the cumin they often add to the meat. The main problem is that there is no dignified way to eat a taco. It’s the same reason I only occasionally eat lobster in the shell. If tacos tasted as good as lobsters I’d eat them at least occasionally.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one made of corn.

Tie between hard and soft corn. I like soft tortillas with fish, and hard shells with other fillings.

Now that I think of it, I like hard shells with ground beef. But my two favourite tacos are fish and carnitas. Those are always on (two) soft corn tortillas.

There’s another option that’s between a hard shell and a soft tortilla: The traditional fried shell. See, when people say ‘taco shell’ I think of those pre-made U-shaped things that come in packages. Those are entirely different from a tortilla you fry yourself (or the restaurant fries). They tend to be soft where the filling is, and crispy around the edges. I mentioned Tito’s Tacos (Culver City, CA) in another thread. That’s how they make theirs. It’s also how I make mine, if I only have refried beans and cheese on-hand.

Definitely soft corn. Hard tacos are too messy, unless there’s some secret to eating them that I don’t know about.

The secret is to make them yourself. Those horrifying things made by Ortega and others are not even food, as far as I can tell. I used to make an alternative when I had no access to corn flour, which was a flour tortilla made with some corn meal. They fried up light and crispy.

Gotta go with “Other.” They’re all good. Sometimes I want a semi-hard, home-made taco, with a corn tortilla. Sometimes I feel like a soft chicken taco using a flour tortilla. Then there are the fish taco night, which call for soft corn versions. All are good. But I second Chefguy’s condemnation of commercial taco shells. Those things are foul. It is so easy to fry up fresh ones that taste heavenly and don’t shatter when you bite into them. Of course, I am lucky in that there is a tortillaria two blocks from home.

Now that I think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a taco with a flour tortilla. So corn all the way. Usually soft, but in something like a potato taco, it’s gotta be deep fried.

And onions and cilantro on top.

I used to make them all the time overseas. I had masa harina, but could not make a corn tort for love or money for some reason; they just fell apart. The only advantage to flour torts is that all you taste is the filling, which can be a plus, but I prefer corn for tacos.

All. I generally prefer fried corn, though; then soft corn, fried flour, and soft flour in that order.

You left out “pink” as an option… :wink:

I’m a hard corn kind of girl. If I want tacos, I want crunch. If not, I’ll just order a burrito…

I prefer corn, hard or soft. It’s a No True Scotsman myth that “real” Mexican tacos aren’t fried. My uncle is Mexican and he fries his taco shells.