How do you look older?

If I let my facial hair grow, it’s quite gray in the corners of my jaw.

still occasionally get carded because reasons.

Another idea would be to shave your head, so you look like someone going bald who is trying to cover it up. Looking bald is definitely something that makes you look older–I have a high school friend who looks 15 years older than me–even though we graduated at the same time.

Though, obviously, this is an extreme choice, and you should check if it fits in your area, where shaving your hair to hide baldness may not be so popular. Maybe get a cheap bald cap and see how it looks. Or get someone good with Photoshop.

I’d try anything else before trying this.

Why not make it work for you?

Barely Legal Pornductions needs grudes like you!

I’m 43 and I can still barely grow facial hair.

If you’re in IT, I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to look “older”.