Do you look your age?

At lunch today, I was in the library looking for a book, when a man came up and asked if I worked there. I didn’t, but I helped him find his book anyway.(ok, I’m a nice person, and yes he was attractive.)

After we found it, he asked me if I went to private school, since I was in the library at 12:30 on a weekday afternoon. I grinned and said no, that I worked, and that I am coming up on my 10 year high school reunion this summer. He then told me that he wouldn’t have said I was 15 years old(I’m 27). :eek:

He’s not the first one to say something either. I regularly get carded for cigarettes, lottery tickets, R-rated movies, then have to put up with astonished looks as they figure out how old I really am. It can definately be fun at times. :smiley: And it can be a pain other times.

But do you look your age? If not, do you like looking older/younger than you really are?

I got stopped by the cops 'cause they thought I was a 13 year old runaway they had a BOTL for. I was 19 at the time (this is not considered to be good).

When I was 22, I applied for a job (where I still work), the person said “I’m not supposed to ask this, but have you graduated from high school yet?”

Several years later, an inmate assaulted me at the correction center, when the incident was under review, she told the investigating officer that I was ‘too young, too uneducated and too inexperienced for the job’, thinking I was just out of high school at the time. I was a college grad who had worked there for 6 years by that time and 28( a year younger than she was).

currently, I’m 46, most folks are very surprised to hear that (don’t have much grey in my hair at all, wrinkles etc.)

My dad is 80, still isn’t all grey yet. :smiley:

OTOH, my son (who isn’t 17 yet) gets mistaken for a college student quite frequently, almost didn’t get carded when I was buying wine (they thought it was his, and almost apologetically asked him for ID)

I’ll be 21 in a few weeks, and I look about 17ish… I don’t get carded at the movies anymore, but I can see clubs and bars being a problem in my near future.

People who are younger than me tend to guess my age as 28. People who older tend to guess it as 32. It all averages out to the correct number so I guess I look my age.

Nope, I generally get mistaken for much older. 24 is the usual guess, but I have been mistaken for as much as 30 or more. I’m currently 19.
Not that I’m complaining. This generally comes in handy, except when I’m trying to get a date. :slight_smile:

No. And if you are looking for me to regret it, you are going to be waiting a LONG, LONG time! :slight_smile:

My hair started going white while I was in junior high school. By the time I was in high school, I looked older than most of my teachers.

I started going to bars when I was 15. Never once was carded.

Trying to get a date with anyone younger than 10 years older than I was, was virtually impossible. I was getting senior citizen discounts without my asking, while still in my 30s.

Once had an employeer tell me after his firm had hired someone else for a job I wanted that, “off the record, we decided to move in a younger direction.” The guy they hired was almost ten years older than I was.

Yes I resorted to hair dye.

Finally agewise, I am catching up to my hair. Finally, I am looking my age.

Most people guess me–or the ones who tell me–think I’m 5 to 7 years younger than I am. Whenever I say I’ve been married for almost ten years, they look stunned and say, “God, how old were you when you got married!” I was 21.

I bought my first six-pack of beer, without an ID, when I was 14. I last got carded when buying a beer at age 36. I think that was partly due to the fact that I let my hairdresser experiment on me for several years, and I’d stayed physically active.

After the first few HouDopes, Sealemon remarked a few times that I did not look my age. While that may be important to some, it really isn’t to me. Truthfully, in the last few years I have noticed the ageing in my physical appearance - My face is changing, my chest hairs turned grey about three years ago, etc. It’s part of the deal.

I know the latest cutie to draw my attention has mostly grey (should I say silver?) hair, and I suspect she’s younger than I (I’m 47 for a few more weeks).

People tell me I look younger than my age (which is 40). I don’t know, though… I’m feeling oldish lately. Probably because I’m going to school with mostly 20 year olds.

Peta You definately do look younger than your age – I wouldn’t have put you as any older than 25.

Well, when I was 14 I was able to tend bar without question. I did, & loved it. I figured it was like a party I was being paid to attend! Did it full time from age 17-21; then I quit. Go figure.

Now that I’m 43 ack I get taken for late 20’s early 30’s a lot. Again, go figure.

I am not complaining! :smiley:

Well, I used to look a lot younger than my actual years…but not anymore. That’s okay. At 44, my eyesight is starting to go and the wrinkles get harder for me to see.
[sub]Ahhh, the bliss of self-delusion![/sub]

More and more everyday…unfortunately.

I’m 40 but I always get comments how it will be different once I’m 30. Of course I’ve been dying out the grey for 10 years :wink:

Could we possibly be twin brother and sister, parted at birth?

Same here with the premature white hair. At 30 my hair was whiter than most people well into their 60’s. Family trait from my mom’s side of the family. Genetics, dang 'em.

Other than that, no. Face and bod are in pretty good shape. I have some great laugh lines around my eyes; I like those a lot! All in all, I got nuthin’ to complain about.


I’m 18, but people say I look 12. Hate it now, figure I’ll love it when I’m 30!


Separated at birth, indeed? Sounds as if you are “aged to perfection”.

One should never complain about laugh lines, and it sounds as if you don’t. As it should be.


(a pleasure to share a name [hair color, laugh lines, et al] with you.)

I’m 17, but I’ve passed for 25 when I had a goatee. I usually get weird looks when I go out with my friends…who woulda thunk a “20 year old” would be hanging out with 17-18 year olds??

I’m going to be 22 next month but I think people think I look at least 18. It must be my boyish looks and hippy-like hair. However, lately haven’t been carding me when I get drinks or go to Las Vegas. I feel better about that now.

I’m 19, but people always mistake me for 23-25. It’s funny though, I’ve never thought I looked older than my age. Funny how that works.

Needless to say though, I’ve never been carded…