Why, God, WHY???

I’ve been in here a while but have largely gone unnoticed. That’s fine. But an incident on a plane during my Christmas break has been bugging me ever since so I thought I’d post it, and a question, or maybe not. I don’t know. I’m only halfway through my coffee.

Anyway, I’m pretty short. And I look young. I’m 24 and people always think I’m younger than that. People at school seem to think I’m about 20, which is okay. I will never get over being pissed at the child – nay, baby – in a movie ticket booth, who wanted ID for me to get into an R rated movie, when I was 21! My response was, “I can go next door and buy beer, but here you go anyway,” and slapped my license down. She had the grace to look embarassed.

But here I am on a plane, sitting next to this slightly creepy older married couple. We have been sitting there for five excruciating hours, we are about to land in Seattle, and I was commenting on the fact that I’d had to drive through SNOW to get to the Atlanta airport. (I’m in Augusta.) The woman looks puzzled, and says, “I didn’t think you were old enough to drive!”

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! One of these years I would LOVE to look, say, 21. Is that too much to ask? Mom keeps telling me that looking younger is an asset, but not when I have to tell people I’m in college or else they ask, “So which high school do you go to?” when I say I’m in school.

Anybody else have this problem? Maybe in ten years I’ll enjoy it, like I’m told, but it’s irritating as hell right now. If people thought I was 18, even, that’d be fine. But geez…15? 14? I didn’t ask that lady how old, exactly, she thought I was.

Enjoy it. People mistake my age from about five years younger to about ten years older. I much prefer being mistaken for younger…!

raises hand I have the exact same problem. I’m going to be 27 in a couple months, and I still regularly get mistaken for under 18. I get carded EVERYWHERE. It does get frustrating, but I try to take it with a grain of salt. (Not always easy)

One year, I was out with my best friend for my 23, 24th birthday, something like that, and we went to Bennigan’s. Told the waiter we were celebrating my birthday. He asked her what she wanted to drink, then turned to me and said he knew I wouldn’t be drinking anything alcoholic. Didn’t say a word. Just took out my license, and waited for it to register on his face before I said “Vodka and coke, please.”

Like you, whiterabbit, I’m STILL praying that this becomes an asset rather than a liability some day!


When I first did stand up comedy (I was fourteen at the time), I was taking a class on the subject. There were these two guys who thought I was pretty funny, and they asked me how old I was. I was taken a little aback at the question, and told them that I was fourteen. “Really?” asked one. “We were going to take you out to a beer after the class.”

That’s my age mixup story, though in the reverse direction of the first.

I had the same problem so I grew a beard. I see from your profile that that is not an option for you.

Youth passes quickly. When you hit 40 you’ll be thrilled when someone asks you for an ID.

When I was 14, I was able to pass for 18 & tend bar. I LOVED that!

Now, however, I’m almost 43 & am told frequently that I look much younger. I love that too! You will be glad when you get a bit older that you’ll look younger than your years. (Look at your parents if you want to see how you’ll age.)

Besides…Really, what does it matter how old people think you are?

I feel your pain. This past summer, I was in Las Vegas with my family, and the girl at the one restarant asked my dad if I was 11!!. (I was one month away from being 17 at the time). Also, I’m short, which doesn’t help.

Another time I was at the Gap buying a shirt, which just happened to be a GAP kids shirt, but it fit me and it was really cute. I took out my credit card and the girl working at the register next to the one I was at, whispered to my cashier to check for ID. So I pullout my liscence, which has the green strip meaning I’m at least 16(17 IRL) and I though the girl was gonna have a heart attack.

Sometimes I don’t mind looking younger, since I can get cheaper rates, but at times It pisses me off since they don’t treat me like an adult.

One time I went to La Track with my friend Eric. La Track is a gay bar targeted at a slightly older clientele, and so the age is raised to 20 rather than the usual 18. I’m 19 and Eric is 23. Now I didn’t get carded, but he did! We can only conclude that they thought he was 19 and I was 23.

Also, it’s not easy being a 19-year-old faggot who looks like he’s anywhere from 21 to 29. (It’s mostly the goatee, I think.) I have this picture that I usually use when I’m cruising online, the one that was taken for my campaign. It makes me look really handsome, but fuckin’ old. So I show this to people, and they’re like, no way you’re 19. So I tell them, do you want to see my medicare card? sigh

I’m 31 and I’m often carded when I buy beer. I found it frustrating for years, but I’ve gotten to the age that it’s quite nice when people think I’m over ten years younger than I am. My mother is over 60, and her skin is still soft and mostly-unlined.

A time will come when you will be grateful for your genetics, whiterabbit. Till then just keep your ID handy.

While in college I worked at a liquor store and I heard ALL the stories from those too young to purchase about how they “left the ID in the car”. So one time I ask a very young looking woman for her ID and she seemed very suprised, but got it out willingly. She was thirty five and told me I’d made her day. I learned it is impossible to offend a customer by asking for ID, women at least, because if they are younger then 21 they are not customers, but if over they are flattered by being thought to be young. Someday that youthful look will be an asset.

[sup]I’ll tell a friend’s story, since the friend’s not able to post at the moment…[/sup]

racinchikki has the opposite problem–25 y.o. (and older) guys keep hitting on her. This has been happening for a while.

She just turned 18 last Friday. (but like Carina42 said, it does have its advantages…:D)

I’ve got the opposite problem. When I was in grade 10, people thought I was in my mid-twenties or early 30’s (I was 15). Might have been the beard. Anyway, this was helpful in some respects like not getting the brunt of seniors humiliations and such.
It might have been nice if I smoked or drank, but I didn’t. My friends, on the other hand, did. So I was constantly pulling cigarettes & alcohol, even though I was only 15. I hated doing it, but did it anyway.
Now I look about the same age, and am 19. I suppose it’s nice, as I’m taken a little more seriously. Though, I have bleach blond long hair and a long goatee/mustache, so I’m not taken that seriously.

I’m 32, and keep getting told I look 22. Ask Aenea or Fierra how old they think I look.

About 3 years ago (at 29) I was re-visiting my High School, when a random teacher yelled at me in the hall and asked why I wasn’t in class. He was pretty embarassed when he discovered I was there to give a presentation to a Physics class on coal power plants…

Believe me, whiterabbit - you’ll get little sympathy wanting to look older. Enjoy it.

Note that if you do really want to look older and be taken for being older, dress is a large part of it. It is easy via dress to look +/- 5 years your true age, depending on the circumstances.

I had this problem when I was younger also, and the last time I was carded was fourteen or fifteen years ago, when I was in my mid-thirties.

It is nice now, when I am in my mid-forties, to have people think I am ten years younger or more. Some day you may appreciate this too.

I’m 33, and I still occasionally get carded. Honestly, I don’t mind it one bit. I got carded pretty much all the time until I was about 26-27 or so. I got carded for cigarettes the day before my 27th birthday. I just laughed, and pulled out my ID. The clerk began to apologize profusely, and I said “hey, not a problem! You just made my year!”

At this point in my life, I don’t really get mistaken for under 18 anymore, but most people tell me I don’t look more than 25. Okay by me. The women in my family have a tendency to age pretty gracefully. I know my mother enjoys the looks she gets when she tells people that yes, she is indeed over 50. My grandmother, who passed away in November of 1999, had just a smattering of gray hair at her temples, and this was when it grew back after she’d lost it all to chemo. I have a great-grandmother still living, too. She looks elderly, but she doesn’t look 98 (which is how old she’ll be on her next birthday, in April).

I thank the Goddess every day for my genetics. My mother is going to be 55 this year and she still routinely gets mistaken for somebody in her mid to late 30’s. She is ten years older than her husband (my step-dad), and most people are surprised to find that out because she looks so much younger than she really is, whereas he actually looks older than his 44 years (most people guess at least 50 for him). I turned 30 back in September, and I still routinely get carded for cigarettes and alcohol. I’m not sure if they do it because they are being polite to me, or whether I really look that young. My grandmother is in her mid 70’s, and can easily be mistaken for somebody in their late 50’s or early 60’s.

Of course, back in my teenage years, I had the opposite problem. I developed very early (having C cup breasts in the sixth grade was not pleasant, to say the least), and I often was mistaken for somebody older. I remember when I was 13, a 19 boy down the street kept on hitting on me, refusing to believe that I was only 13. He thought for sure that I was at least 16 or 17.

This is not a bad thing. Truly. Just chuckle and think about how good it’s going to feel when you’re very old (as I am) and it happens. (Don’t smile too much though – crow’s feet) :wink:

Oh, btw… there is no dye in this hair of mine… just wanted to make that clear. :slight_smile:

I’m 30 and was recently carded at the liquor store, was the first time in 10 years i’ve been carded anywhere and to make it even odder, my girlfriend who is 29 and usually gets carded was standing next to me and did NOT get asked for any ID. Was kinda miffed by the whole thing at the time but got over it pretty quickly, but if it were to happen all the time i think i’d be pretty irritated by it. I guess all i can do is offer my sympathies whiterabbit since there’s not really any advice i could offer. Hopefully in 10-20 years time you’ll be flattered when someone cards you for a drink order.


It’s a pain now, but wait until you turn 30 and get the sheer joy of being the only one in a large group of similar aged friends who gets IDed. It truely rocks!

Over last summer, I got stopped three times and IDed at Ballys casino in Atlantic City while there with my boss- she couldn’t believe it.

(Who firmly believes the trick to staying young looking is to avoid makeup, particularly eye makeup. Less skin fussing=less wrinkles)