How do you lose a tooth in someone else's head and NOT know it?

Title says it all !.

How could you not know that you lost a tooth as you collided with the guy, even if the guy didn’t realize he had a tooth embedded in his skull ?

I understand the testosterone-charged moments of professional sports but this is rediculous.

Think the guy wants his tooth back? How does this work? If the tooth fairy brought him a quarter for it and now he gets it back, how does he return the twenty-five cents to the Universe?


It’s not the first time it’s happened.

You lose several teeth and have your jaw broken, thats how.

I suspect crawling all over a rugby field looking for broken bits of tooth to ensure that he had them all was the last thing on his mind at the time.


Right. I’ve never seen anybody look for lost teeth on the pitch. He knew he lost the tooth, he just didn’t know where it went (if he did, it wouldn’t have been lost. ;))

Yep. I suppose he was a bit too busy to go searching the field for a tooth. His thinking was probably "oops, oh dear, tooth gone. Find tooth? Nah, what’s the point? :smiley: Or perhaps in slightly more rugby-esqe language. :smiley:

I seem to recall that Simone de Beauvoir fell down a hill and lose her own tooth in her own face once, although not, admittedly, while playing rugby.

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I collided with my partner playing squash once and broke a tooth. Mostly what I remember was feeling my head go “DOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNG!” like a bell. I could feel a huge hunk of my tooth missing, but I certainly never though to look for it. I just wanted ice for my head and a dentist.

I wonder if it’s embedded in his elbow or anything.

Sure you didn’t Swallowed it?