How do you make ampersands?

Another handwriting thread…

How do you make ampersands? The methods are as varied as they are beautiful. The one over my keyboard 7 is almost an 8 into an x. Crossed E’s. Plus signs, I guess. I can’t think of any others, but I know there’s a lot. How do you make yours?

I make mine sorta like this:

        |       /
        |      /
        |     /
        |    /
        |   /
        |  /
        | /


Like a treble clef

Backwards 3 with a vertical line down the middle.

I don’t even bother. I just spell out the word “and”.

backwards 3 but with an interrupted line. Vertical dash at the top and bottom, rather than a line that goes all the way down.

I always write out the word “and”.

If I’m going for speed, a curvy version of Mikie’s ampersands, but usually I just write out the word “and.”

Yeah, me too. But only in h&writing, otherwise I just write it out.

Starting from bottom right, towards upper left in a straight line, curving into a partial firgure eight and ending up middle right. It looks like the typed version and I have it down so I don’t even have to think about it.

Usually mine are like a backwards three with the bottom loop extended up to the middle and a hottizontal bar added to the top of it (primarily because of trying to keep it recognizable as an e+t combined, which I believe is the origin of the amphersand (latin “et”)), though sometimes I will slip into just using a plus sign.

I draw a circle on top and a little fish on the bottom, so it basically looks like the one on the keyboard.

Like an E with vertical lines coming out of the top and bottom. I never knew how to write them before I worked at Barnes & Noble, actually.

mine’s a lot like ** mikie ** does it

Hmm, that requires me to explain that the way I write the letter “E”, it looks like a backwards 3.

acrossthesea – that’s known as a Greek E – like a capital C with an horizontal line – that’s how I do my capital E’s, too. (And since I do a little tail on my lower case t’s when I’m printing, when I’m going too fast those two can be hard to tell apart).

My ampersand is a bacwards 3, with the lower end extended vertically and then a short vertical line (sometimes barely more than a dot) above it as a separate stroke.

I just write a normal three with an interrupted line. But the three is much smaller than I would normally write it as a number.

My ampersands look exactly like a backwards cursive capital S.

I start at the top of the aforementioned backward three, zig back, forth, and back (in other words make the top lobe and half the bottom lobe); then I loop up and back down.


Yes, I’m weird. I accept this about myself.

A small three with a line through it, usually. But I taught myself to write ampersands like the one on a keyboard, so I’ve started doing that more often.