How do you make yourself cry?

I would greatly appriciate any help/tips/links on making yourself cry. I’ve had some trouble finding anything on the net that can be that helpful. It’s doesn’t exactly protrain to acting so please don’t refer any “getting in character” guides.

For actual tears, you could try a bit of menthol oil on the nose right by the eye. Using care to avoid contact with the eye, of course.

That’s a good way.

A quick and dirty method is to bop yourself in the nose.

I assume you’re talking about actually changing your emotion and really crying. i suggest the library or a book store. Check some books on acting techniques. I’ll bet learning to cry is one of the first skills trained actors learn.

Are you the baby Jesus? If so, you could try to make yourself cry by cursing at people. :slight_smile:

How to cry?

Think about what you’ll pay in taxes this year. :slight_smile:

Not that your post made any sense, but now I know why people dislike you Ryan, or is it THE Ryan?

I was wondering what the BBQ thread was all about. Now I see it.

You’re obviously on a different level than the rest of us–for better or worse.

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This one’s easy.

After I finish my invariable screaming as I awake from my slumber, realizing where I am and why I’m there, I just lie there and wait for the feelings of despair to kick in.
–wait–this might not help make -you- cry. But we can speak for ourselves, can’t we?

Similar to what pkbites suggested, yanking a couple of nose hairs always causes my eyes to water up nicely. YMMV, but one bonus is that my nose also begins to run, producing a good weepy appearance.

Just out of curiosity, why do you need to make yourself cry?


I have the ability to make my eyes water without using emotional techniques, which is pretty redundant as I can make myself cry for real by thinking of any number of things.

Chopping onions doesn’t do it for you?

Rubbing lemon’s just under the eyes. Some actors do that. Of course with practice, you could just bawl like Jimmy Swaggart and make some big bucks, or just have a good parlor trick.

Reading about every tenth post to the SDMB. It usually turns on the faucets. I weep for humanity.

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Personally, I didn’t get it either, but I suspect that it’s a literary reference, probably to a song. Presumably, when The Ryan next sees this thread, he’ll mention what it’s from, and then you and I will both understand it, and a little bit of ignorance will have been iradicated.

And don’t forget to use needle nose pliers.

acting-wise, I’ve found that it helps to not make yourself cry. Just think of a time when you were really sad (or happy- that works for me). Really dwell on it, turn it over in your head. Some people I’ve acted with say that thinking of a sad thing while forcing yourself to not be sad works (kinda akin to laughing extra hard when you know you shouldn’t laugh).

But while you’re doing this, fake it. Wrack your breathing, shake your shoulders. It helps. And if the tears don’t come, you still look like you are crying. If this is for an acting gig, remember that lack of tears won’t hurt a good emotional performance, and real tears won’t save bad histrionics.
Alternatively, you could not let yourself blink for a while. This is a good backup.

Oh, and for The Ryan, since he’s not popped in yet. Have you ever heard Todd Flanders say “Lies make baby Jesus cry” right before Homer pulls an evil T-1000 with his golf clubs?

Same thing. Cursing at people makes baby Jesus cry. If you are baby Jesus, and you curse at someone, you will cry.

I thought it was funny, in a dopey way. Chill on the righteous indignation there, 647.

Mini-hijack: I have noticed while watching television actors reciting their lines that most-times they will not blink (“crying” aside). Is this a taught acting technique?


I have a BFA in Acting from a rather prestigious arts school. Reduced blinking is not specifically an acting technique, so much as it is a means of remaining open to the camera. Most actors do this consciously or unconsciously, while some do not (famously, Hugh Grant).

By the way, while crying is not specifically “taught” as hypothesized by pkbites, we do “flex our emotional muscles” so as to maintain general emotional accessibility, whether to sadness or joy. I know, I know, it sounds really weird, but after you actually do it for a while it makes sense.

Re the OP: I know a number of ways actors can make themselves cry. It would be helpful if I knew the context, i.e. the situation and reasons, so I can offer useful suggestions. Is this just something you want to know how to do so you can get out of traffic tickets? :wink:

Fair enough, Chronos (and jb), my bad. Everyone is a jerk every once in a while; I’ll keep my jerkdom in the BBQ Pit from now on.

If Ryan was referencing the Simpsons, that’s actually a pretty good quote. More info would have helped me get it, though.

Fair enough, Chronos (and jb), my bad. Everyone is a jerk every once in a while; I’ll keep my jerkdom in the BBQ Pit from now on.

If Ryan was referencing the Simpsons, that’s actually a pretty good quote. More info would have helped me get it, though.