How do you picture Cecil and Ed?

I imagine Cecil to be about 5’11, have short medium brown hair, and a mustache. And don’t ask me why, but I picture Ed as one of the guys in the old Bartel & James Wine cooler commercials (sorry, Ed!).

What do you think they look like?

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There was a picture of Ed floating around back on the old board. Maybe it’s on the TM Homepage? He looked to be somewhere in his early 40’s, dark hair, not a bad looking guy really.

My guess would be that Cecil looks quite similar. :wink:

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Ed Zotti…

And before you jump to any conclusions about that picture, read the site where I got the pic :

Cecil Adams vs. Ed Zotti

BTW: I found it in the FAQ’s.

So, is Ed the one in the red shirt?

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I’ve always imagined Cecil to look like the guy who answered the questions for him on the TV show on A&E. IIRC, he was a tallish, bald white guy.
Ed looks just like I’d imagined him.


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How do I picture them?

Naked. In a tub of whipped cream.

That’s them, not me in the tub. Ah well, maybe I would if I was gay…

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I always thought that Cecil would look like Mr. Weatherbee from the “Archie” comic books…


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On the ceiling of the Sistine(sp?) Chapel in the Vatican, I remember seeing a man with a white beard & a flowing white robe, reaching out to touch some naked guy with a really small appendage. Could these guys be…


Okay, I’m trying to brain-cleanse myself from mundane photographs and Slug-isms…

Cecil Adams? Distaff offspring of bright but inbred Yankees. Middle height, stooped, thinning hair, rumpled clothes; resembles kin back in Boston, but his eccentricites are too idiocyncratic for the poor but proud family that gardened for Cotton Mather to fund research on fur-lined stocks.

Ed? Funky regular Joe, excepting a mind like HAL (including amok fugue states); mixes a genial human facade, plentiful hormones, low cunning and high intellectualism to deceive the unwary; the average-looking, quiet guy who wins all the bar bets and leaves, smiling.

Gotta love schizophrenia on this scale.


No offense to anyone but if that is Ed/CA then Marilyn is better looking.
But on the other hand he much better looking thank Abby or Ann Landers :slight_smile:

No no, both pictures are of Ed, not Cecil. The picture on the left was a “fake” picture of Cecil.

Head, torso, limbs. Maybe some hair, a couple of eyes. Arse. Feet. That kind of deal.

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