How do you prefer to spell the names of various Arab guys?

Here are my preferences-

Usama Bin Laden (over Osama)

Uday Hussein (but Oday and Odai seem to be the new spellings now a days. Did they discover something?)

Qusay Hussein (but I still can’t get the pronounciation down)

Muammar Gadhafi (Hey man, that’s his prefered last name. Over the hundreds of other possible last names)

Mohammad Saeed al-Sahhaf (Double H works better than Single H. Sahaf = DaSuck)

Some other names of leaders are pretty much universally able to be spelled. Such as Saddam Hussein (unless you spell it Husayn), Yassir Arafat and, of course, Yusuf Islam. GET ON THE PEACE TRAIN! WHOOWHOOWHOOOOOO! [/jello biafra, names for bands, circa 1989]

Anyways… how do you spell these names? did I miss any names here?

Why the Pit?

Ya know… that’s a great question.

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