How do you pronounce "lawyer"?

Do you pronounce “lawyer” closer to:





These pronunciations can be found here. Click on the little speakers to hear the two variants.

Oh, and if you post, where are you from?

Actually, when saying the word at its normal speed, I can’t tell the difference between LAW-yer and LOY-er. I once had a similar discussion with a woman named “Laura,” and came to the same conclusion.

I say Loy-er but I hear both from other people.

Lawyer is the one word I pronounce with the aw sound, the sound a stereotypical New Yorker uses when saying awful.

And, yes, there’s very little difference between that and loy-yer.

Loy-er from this Chicaaaagoite. I can, with great effort and slow speech, say law-yer, but it’s difficult.


I pronounce it as LOY-er. I am from Oregon(pronounced or-gun). I am surprised LOY-er is so far ahead in the poll. There is usually more variation when these kinds of questions are asked.

/'lɔ.jɚ/, which would I guess be law-yer but could sound like loy-er if said quickly. There isn’t a huge difference between the two options the way I would say them.

Edit to add: originally from Connecticut.

I sometimes think a really good linguist could probably figure out where I’m from within a two-mile radius based on how unusual some of my pronunciations are. :smiley:

Lah-yer. From Tennessee. The other option around here is LAW-yer, with a strong country twang on the ‘aw’ part.


:smiley: Oh c’mon, the opening was too wide not to step through…


UK. My native accent is RP with a London admixture.
I’ve never heard of people saying the word with “law” as the first syllable. Do they/you also pronounce “sawyer” in the same way?

If I ever said it, sure! :smiley:

But yeah, “Tom SAH-yer.”



British RP and I say loy-er.


Me too. I say LOY-er, and I’m from Oregon. But please, kind sir or madam, If you live here ya gotta know it’s ***“Orry-gun”. ***Gots to get that third syllable in there, dontcha know?
Must be different from those uninformed easterners who think it’s OR-gon :wink:

So what do you call a wannabe lawyer? :smiley:

I don’t know… I don’t know anyone that wants to be a lawyer! (I sure as hell don’t)

I’m alarmed by the preponderence of the second option. It’s LAW, not LOY, duh. How in the hell do you people exist in modern society, seriously?