How do you pronounce "lawyer"?

I love how the two of you ramble on while the rest of the world seems to know the correct way to pronounce the word. But don’t let logic or popular opinion get in your way, please – carry on!


Good thing you are magically babelicious my friend. :wink:

Sounds like they might be lawyers :smiley:

That was the only funny lawyer joke in this thread. LOY-ER (or LOY-YER) of course. Hardly anyone I know says “law-yer.” Raised in Northern California, currently live in Southern California.

It’s LOY-er. I say it that way and that makes it right.

Well, the ‘oy’ sound (/ɔI/ in IPA) is the ‘aw’ sound (/ɔ/) plus a glide to the front part of the mouth (towards /I/ as in ‘bit’); this glide is similar to the ‘y’ sound (/j/ in IPA, like the first sound in ‘yes’). So, if you put ‘law’ and ‘yer’ together quickly, you can easily get an ‘oy’ sound.

Oi, vey.

Central Arkansas.


Grew up in Chicago.

Southern pronunciation, but a little more low-brow than NinetyWt. I say law-yur.

The “law” kind of flops out of your mouth and then yur. LAW-yur. And I probably take enough time to get it out of my mouth that you could say it three times.

Usually the idea I get in my mind when the pronunciation threads come up is to take whatever your pronunciation is and imagine you are really tired and your mouth is full of honey and you can’t let it drip out when you talk.

Oddly enough, I actually don’t sound like I have a speech impediment. Just really, really Southern. Imagine Callie from CSI: Miami on valium. :slight_smile:


Grew up in the Northeast.

Became a Loyer in the Southeast. :slight_smile:

That depends. Someone a while back posted a sample reading, and the unusual pronunciations were precisely the problem. It was like they mixed and matched different pronunciations from different places.

In fact, I’m not sure it wasn’t you…

Back to the OP, though. I was mistaken in my previous post. I’ve recently caught myself in a more candid conversation, and I say LAH-yer ([ˈlɑyər] for you IPA buffs, as opposed to [ˈlɔyər], which is how I would spell out LAW-yer from the OP.)

LAW-yer. British.


I pronounce it very close to “liar” but far enough away to leave suspicion…

:smack: I knew that. I can’t believe I made that mistake.