How do you read 'pwned?'

I know what it means (at least I think–“owned”), but how do you read it, “owned” or, as I do, “pooned.” And actually, it’s kinda extended when I read it, more like “pOOOOOOned!”


I didn’t know how it was meant to be pronounced till that South Park World of Warcraft episode. I always pronounced it puhwnd. (Which was terribly difficult and mostly in my head.)

I’ve never said it aloud, but in my head it sounds like “pawned”.

I think of it as ‘powned’, IOW owned with a p in front.

I’ve always read it as “powned,” or just “owned” with a p- on front.

Translated to 1337:

OMGWTF u nub 1+'s p0//||3|)!!!1111onehundredeleventhousandonehundredeleven

Heh, I have always said it like “owned” but with a p at the beginning. POWNED! “Pooned” sounds like you stuck their head in your…uhm, wait, you’re a guy, aren’t you?

I mentally pronounce it as “pwuhnd”. Luckily I have never had to pronounce it out loud.

Rhymes with “phoned.”

Yeah, I hear it as “pownd” too.


“Pawned”. Like, that’s how I’d feel if I actually read it as “owned”. So I always read it and say it, pawned, because that’s what these people are doing in using such a senseless possessive.

I don’t.
My eyes glaze over, I slump to the floor, drooling and convulsing violently until someone with a better mastery of the English language strolls by and beats me over the head with the OED until I come to.

OG help us all if any of the boot scrapings from L33T ever make it into the dictionary.

In a WSOP (poker) event last year, Daniel Negreanu described Mike Matesow as being pwned by Mike Sexton when Sexton called a big Matesow bluff with bottom pair.
He said it like “owned” with a “p” in the front. I would write it out as p’owned.

Powned/poned. Owned with a p in front of it.

I read it as “too stupid or illiterate to use the correct word.” And I don’t even try to pronounce it.

Every dictionary should have an entry for roflcopter.

Word. :slight_smile:

Me too.

I see it as powned.

I somehow thought it was meant to represent “porned” (round here, “pawn” and “porn” are pronounced the same way). Of course, what is “porned” supposed to mean?.. humiliated, as one would be if made to appear in porn, maybe? Something like that.

As you can see, I’ve never really thought this through.