How do you Remove Fingerprints, DNA from Something You have Handled?

I understand forensic science is getting better and better every year…

Take the bloody knife and soak it in bleach. You’re not likely to catch everything though. Look at the Boston bombing where they found DNA on the pressure cooker after it exploded.

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In several movies I’ve seen recently, they’ve depicted criminals setting fire to their getaway vehicles using copious amounts of gasoline. Anything they touched, and any hair/skin/whatever particles are incinerated. Seems like that would work pretty well. Fingerprints are generally in left-behind oil or small particulate matter, which will be burned and disturbed by a fire, and DNA will denature and burn at high temperatures.

Soak it in bleach then run it through the dishwasher on the sanitize cycle. After that, cook it on your bbq grill for an hour or two.

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