How do you remove photos/music from an iPod Nano?

I recieved my iPod Nano (4 GB) yesterday, and it freakin’ ROCKS! I was up until 4:00 this morning playing/learning how to use it.

The one piece of infromation that I can’t figure out, or find an answer to is this: If one’s iPod is nearly full or full how does one remove music/photos/podcasts to make room for new stuff?

I don’t know about the photos, but for the audible stuff, don’t you just feed it a different playlist from iTunes?

Open iTunes and delete the songs you want to remove from your musc library. Then attach your Nano and the songs will be deleted.

But is there a way to do it without removing them from the library entirely? What if I want to keep them in the library for other reasons, such as to burn CDs, or so I have the option of adding them back later?

I’ve been trying to figure this one out (albeit for a Mini, not a Nano) for a couple of months now.

When you delete a song from your library in iTunes, you are not deleting the song file itself. It stays on your PC in the same location.

So, delete the song from your iTunes library, and it disappears from your iPod the next time you connect it. If you want to add the song back to your iTunes library later, just use the ‘Add file to library’ option in iTunes and it is restored.

For my Shuffle I just right-click the song and select ‘Clear’ and it takes the song off.

That is incorrect. Deleting the song from the iTunes library is completely unnecessary.

Select the manual song management option in iTunes’s iPod preferences. Then, select the iPod in the Source column after it’s plugged in, and locate and delete the song in the right column.