How do you see the people, vehicles etc. in this inverted video?

Yesterday I first tried bicycling with a helmet cam. Of course I attached it inverted, also pointing a bit more downwards than I intended.

The effect looked a bit disconcering to me, so I posted this clip uncorrected to Youtube

What do you see?

I have an upset stomach and that just made it worse. It was really disconcerting.

Tübingen looks lovely as ever. The blue sky looks almost like a river that you were floating along. All in all it’s an interesting effect.

Other: A bit of both, or a reflection.

My brain accepts it as an inverted scene, but the swinging motion of the camera (I guess when you rocked your head a bit) does make it feel as though the objects are suspended from a ceiling.

The slight fisheye distortion sometimes makes it seem like maybe it’s a reflected image in the curved panel of a car or something.

I feel like I want to throw up from a single second.

I concur. The fisheye was actually quite fascinating and was what I focused on.

I didn’t find this disconcerting. It’s pretty fun to watch. After the first 30 seconds it just “felt like” everyone was on the ceiling. I even have a migraine and this didn’t aggravate it. I’ve practiced reading words backwards and upside down though, and can do that quite easily, which may be related. I’m not ambidextrous though.

For some reason I watched two seconds of it and it made me feel just a little bit ill.

Which is totally fascinating to me.

Yeah, does anyone who watches that not feel sick? 'cause I do too.

On purpose? In heaven’s name, why?

Well, China is on the other side of the planet, so they bike that all the time, right? :wink:

Gave me a headache and made me nauseous. Only lasted about 20 seconds.

I made it about 15 seconds in before I started feeling a headache.

It was frustrating! I was trying to check out the people and the scenery but I couldn’t because my brain didn’t want to process the information. So I turned my laptop upside down. :smiley:

Not sick. I got bored after about 30 seconds.

Eh. No nausea or anything. Just kind of annoying.

I only watched about 20 seconds because I didn’t want to hog my cousins’ bandwidth, but I was somewhat disturbing. Of course, I get seasick easily.

It didn’t seem like things were hanging because the people, bikes and cars were all moving, therefore my brain interpreted that things had to be pushed upwards while they moved, hence “anti-gravity”.

Didn’t get sick of looking at it…and I got more accustomed to it as time went on observing it.

The first time I watched I started feeling really ill after about ten seconds so I shut it off. I tried again after reading some of the comments, and I noticed if I choke back the nausea about fifteen seconds in the ill feeling vanishes and it really does seem like they are hanging from above blue nothingness.

Pretty cool!

When I first looked at it for a few seconds, it didn’t seem like much. Then I read the comments and took a look at the whole thing- it was fascinating and terrifying. I know the pedestrians have figured out how to live in this horrible universe, but you can’t shake the feeling that the fall into the void is awaiting everyone and everything, and the local architecture is powerless to stop it.

I didn’t. I thought it was pretty cool. It did sort of fee like things dangling from a very low ceiling.

Caveat: I spend a lot of time upside-down in my circus class, so I’m probably used to it. The first time I tried to function whilst upside-down was… interesting. (I had no sense of where my body was in space. Still no nausea though.)