How do you seperate water into its two elements

What is the process to seperate water into its tow basic elements?

Very tiny tweezers.

Seriously, I’m most familiar with the electrolysis method of water splitting. As you will note, if you’re planning on using the hydrogen and oxygen for power generation this is probably not the way to go as you end up using more power splitting the water than you’ll be able to subsequently generate.

I agree with the electrolysis answer. We did that process in 10th-grade chemistry. We ended up with a tube of hydrogen and a tube of oxygen (there was twice as much hydrogen, surprise surprise).

There’s also photocatalytic water splitting, directly using light and a catalyst

Thanks for the links

Love the tiny tweezers remark.

And then you can burn the H[sub]2[/sub]. Free, clean energy! :smiley:

Free! Except for the cost of those darned tiny tweezers.

But they must be zircon-encrusted.

Just be very very careful with those tweezers, else you risk exposing yourself to large amounts of dihydrogen monoxide.

That’s why mine are zircon encrusted.

I learned the hard way. :rolleyes:

Meh. I’ve been drinking the stuff for years. I even bathe my body in it. I freeze the stuff and put it in my drinks, too. I guess I’m some kind of super-human. I seem to be impervious to it in moderate amounts. The only thing I haven’t tried to do is inhale it. Something tells me this would not be a good idea.

Alternatively, employ tiny demons and have them bring their own tweezers. Problem solved!