How do you sleep?

On your left side? Right side? Back? Stomach? Curled up in a ball?

I usually sleep on my right side.

I move through them all usually except I nearly never sleep on my stomach. I usually go to sleep starting out on my left side though.

I start on my left side. I have no idea after that.

Badly, but on my right side, in a fetal position.

Usually on my side (not sure which), but sometimes I can only get to sleep on my back. I can’t sleep on my tummy at all. I feel smooshed.

‘recovery’ position

Though instead of just my hand under my head, I also have a pillow, my hand is usually under my pillow.

Alternate position is what i jokingly call ‘upside down mummy’ where i have my arms crossed over my chest like a mummy, but the pillow is proping up my head and my face is turned to the right. I ended up doing this because I find it incredibly difficult sleeping on my back, and at one time i had IVs in both wrists, and it was the only way i could sleep on my stomach, and my right leg is bent at 90 degrees at the knee helping to prop me up.

On my stomach.

When actually sleeping (instead of visiting the Dope at 3:30 a.m. because I have insomnia), I tend to sleep on my stomach.

Start out on my left side, legs slightly curled and one arm facing up and one arm facing down. Within 3 minutes I’m asleep, and then when I wake up I can be facing any number of directions, but never on my stomach. Stomach is comfortable for a short period of time, but then my neck hurts. I’ve always dreamed of getting a pillow/mattress that’d be like a massage table (masseuse? masseur?) that has the hole in it. Except that it would suck when I wanted to sleep in any other position.

I prefer to go to sleep on my left side (but at other people’s places, crashing for the night on the sofa, I’m not fussed which side). I usually wake up finding myself on my right side.

I usually sleep on my side, sometimes my back. I almost never sleep on my stomach. As for where, it’s just where ever I end up.

Sitting up about half the time (that’s when I fall asleep reading); otherwise, on my back, face up, hands at my side.

I virtually always sleep on my sides. I also have a pillow between my knees to help align my lower back. I, too, rock and roll during the night so I could be in practically any position (except my stomach) before the night is done.

I fall asleep lying on my right side and wake up on my back or on my left side missing most of my sheets.

On my stomach. This is so much a part of my sleep pattern that I once woke up in the recovery room lying on my stomach after abdominal surgery.

I cannot sleep on my back, unless I am sick or incredibly exhausted.

I can, however, sleep sitting up pretty easily.

Usually on the stomach or side.


I flop around like a beached fishie.

I can, and have, fallen asleep in almost any position, and I never wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.

I am a restless sleeper. I start on my left side then go to my right side and back all night long. I curl up and stretch out. Luckily I am single and therefore have no one to bother with my tossing and turning.

I always go to sleep on my back. When I wake up in the morning, I’m rolling around because my dog is trying to lick my face.