How do you spell the letter "A"?

You know how you write certain expressions that aren’t really words, but just…expressions? Like “ughh” or “ahem”.

I would like to know how to spell the expression that sounds like the letter ‘a’.

You know. Like, ‘a’, yo.

Please advise.

Why not “A”?

Or do you mean “Eh”?


(Wiki Alphabet.)

If it’s short for “hey” I’d spell it 'ey.

I believe you are correct. I’m disappointed I never figured this out. I am so good at spelling out human exasperation. I have a friend who says, “mnyaah” when annoyed, and he was impressed when I spelled it in a text to him. I should have known “ay” was correct.

Most people were spelling it, “aye”. I knew that is wrong, because that rhymes with “lie” and they were saying, “ay, yo” so, I knew it couldn’t be ‘aye’ since that didn’t fit. But yeah. Thanks.

i figure out most sounds, but i never could be happy with Chun Li’s sounds for a question mark - “hmn?” what do you think it should be? (around 1:28)

“Eh.” Seems obvious to me but then I’m Canadian.

Hehe. I was in Puerto Rico, struggling to use some of my miniscule Spanish. I got the cute bartender’s attention and pointed to the bottle of Absolut and carefully said, “Como se dice “vodka” en Espanol?” She smiled, nodded her head, and very slowly enunciated, "v o d k a ".

Good times!

Fonzie alphabet.


When I’m in the right mood, it’s spelled an enthusiastic: “fuckin’ A!”

This post reminds me of a Scripps National Spelling Bee not too many years ago when the word was “aitch”; the definition was something like “the sound of the eighth letter of the alphabet.”

The problem is that that can also indicate the [ɛ] sound, aka e as in bet. Plus, I’m not entirely sure the Canadian version is a diphthong.

I remember when “h” was in the Scripp’s spelling bee. I also remember that the dictionary my family had when I grew up had a big entry at the beginning of each letter that went through its history, the history of how it’s been written, how it’s spelled, etc. Interesting stuff.

That’s what she said.


Um…A. Why would I need to add additional letters to a letter that says its own name?


I don’t know why that works, but it does.