How do you spoiler texts/links

How do you spoiler text/links and does that qualify said text for the two-click rule?

Highlight the text you want to spoiler. Then hit the gear icon at the far right of your menu bar in the reply window. Make your selection.

Like this.

Testing 1,2,3

Thank you!~

Or use the spoiler tags [spoiler] and [/spioler]. Deliberately misspelled to show.

I believe the answer is yes: one click to reveal/unspoiler the link, a second to actually visit the linked site. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This is what I thought as well. Will wait for mod confirmation (not that I have anything titillating to share… just for future reference).

Oh, like this. Thanks

Over in the testing thread, @EllisDee has done a lot of experimenting with spoiler tags. His notes there might be of help.

Test thread — to test things out. Do not lock! - #260 by EllisDee

And earlier, here:

Test thread — to test things out. Do not lock! - #59 by EllisDee


Somewhat less ugly, in my opinion us to “hide details.” Click on the gear on the right and > Hide Details, then follow the directions.

Like this


and you can nest them !


Here is your mod confirmation. If you hide the text and/or link with spoiler tags, that does satisfy the two-click rule.

Happy cake day, ECG. (Since there’s no point in my also saying, “yes, that’s two clicks”.)