How to spoiler something

Just testing to see how spoilers work:

cover up

Besides manually adding the SPOILER tags there are two mousing methods to do spoilers.

Once you have you text in place. Click the little gear icon at the far right of the edit box tool bar.

Hide Details is a nice option.


1 something
2 something else
3 more

Or Blur Spoilers which does what the tags do.

This is my spoiler

The gear is also where the Poll Building function hides.

Even more about spoilers:

Cool! I wondered how that was done.

Click the little gear icon and look for hide detail.

Just testing.

Another test.


[small]This is small.[/small]

OK, how do people do the small font?

Small belongs in angle brackets, not square brackets. Like <small>

For more on sizes see this post and below:


Small is < small > </ small > (remove the spaces)
So small