How do you support your trellised melons? (Er, gardening question.)

I’m pretty sure gardening goes here, doesn’t it? If not, IMHO is fine by me, of course.

My Sugar Baby watermelons are finally getting to the point where I’m worried about making slings for them. (I’ve got one the size of a billiards ball, about.) What do you guys use, and how do you fashion slings? I’ve heard pantyhose mentioned, etc., but I’m not sure what the best way is to fasten it and make it work the best. I’ve only got one melon plant, so if I lose these guys it’s no melons for me! I was going to just hunt down my mom’s hose and tie both ends to the netting around the melon, but I figured I’d see if you guys had any great ideas.

FYI, it’s growing on a trellis with a PVC frame and netting with, I dunno, maybe 6 inch holes. Not much room for it, as it’s next to the beans.