How Do You Tell if Someone is Dead?

A guy I went to college with was threatening suicide shortly after graduation. No one has heard from him since then, but for all I know he could have just moved to another city and left no forwarding adress?

Short of calling the records clerks in each of the 50 states, is there a quick (and free) way of telling whether or not the guy is dead?

I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

If you know where he is from you might try to find his parents? Or his highschool? They have ways of keeping track of you! Ostensibly for inviting you to reunions…

Try the Social Security Death Index

Or conversely, check in phone directories and the like to see if the guy is still alive.

I would second the Social Security Death Index, however I believe you only get listed in there if Social Security pays out a death benefit for you. If your friend didn’t qualify for one, you won’t find him there.