How do You Tie Yours

In a couple of threads recently I have seen the “two bunny ears” method referenced in such a way as to suggest that this is how small children tie their shoes, but adults do it differently (“one bunny ear” method ??)

Well I’m 28 and I’ve never heard of or seen another way of tying my shoes than using the 2 ears method. Is this just me or do a lot of adults do the same.

Perhaps there’s a variance by country?

Which method do you use, how old are you and what is your nationality.

Also could someone describe the “one bunny ear” method?

so to start

28, UK, 2 loops method.

I use this method (if the link doesn’t go to the right place, it’s the one called the “standard shoelace knot”).

30, US

I’ve tried the 2 loops method, and my shoes never seemed to stay tied. I think the way I use sometimes is described to kids as a bunny coming up through the hole, around the tree and back in the hole - but I’m not positive.

28, UK, one loop.
Anyone that still tied their shoes with the 2 loop method at my school would have been beaten up daily. Only people with single digit ages tie their shoes with 2 loops where I come from (north of the border).

Do you really use the 2 loop method or are you “extracting the michael”?

I tend to wear slip on shoes, but when I put my trainers on I honestly to god use the 2 loop method. It’s the only way I was taught, and until recently it’s the only way I’d even heard of.

I’ve been looking at some knot sites and im now very uncertain. I think I’m using the 2 loop method, because when I’m finished there are 2 loops, at a 180 degree angle(give or take). would this not automatically mean i’m using the 2 loop method?

Ah, when you’re finished there is two loops?
That’s fine.

It’s in the actual tying I thought you were talking about.
When tying do you make two loops seperately then tie them together or do you make one loop then wrap the other end of the lace around it, pulling and forming two loops?

If it’s the latter then you’re using the most common (that I know of) method.
If it’s the former you’re using the kids method.

Both method’s end result has two loops sitting on your shoe.

If there’s another stranger method that results in something else sitting on your shoe I’ve not heard of it.

I think i’ve been suffering from confusion. Yes I form 1 loop wrap the other lace around it then pull it through to form the second loop. As it ended up in 2 loops i thought this was the 2 loop method. When I was reading about the 1 loop method I was envisaging some one walking around with just the one loop atop each shoe. I couldn’t picture how this would work, hence the OP.

Damn confusing terminology!

Who’d have thought shoe laces could cause so much bother?
Maybe that’s why the police take them off you when you get put in a cell for the night?

Glad we got it all sorted out.
Until someone else comes along witht he three loop method. :smiley:

Well, I don’t have a three-loop method, but I have learned a way to tie shoes so that the knot doesn’t loosen and untie itself.
Here’s a link. (It takes up two pages for some reason.) I’ve been tying my shoes, and my kid’s shoes, like this for a couple of years and have never had the laces come undone on their own.

37, UK, ‘one loop’ - without wanting to condone any such prejudice, I would echo what was said by Arch Trout - the ‘bunny ears’ method pretty much marks a person as childish or mentally defective, in this part of the world. Silly, but I’m just stating the facts.

I’m not convinced that the ‘Ian Method’ is any faster than the ‘one loop’ method - chiefly because you have to pass the lace in both directions through a hole. I can tie a lace by the One Loop method in less than two seconds.

I learned how to tie my shoes very late, embarrassingly so, like eight or nine, so I never did the bunny method. It’s always been one loop for me. Since I’ve admitted that, I might as well go whole hog. I also insisted on wearing my shoes on the wrong feet a good portion of the time because “it felt good” and more importantly it bugged my teachers and parents.

Bunny ears.

I can do the one loop thing now, but I couldn’t when I was in kindergarten. One of my friends taught me the easier way.

I generally tie my shoes (via the bunny ear method… if I use the “adult” technique, I can never get a second loop) and then use them as slip-ons until one of them comes untied.

I had no idea I was a simpleton for using this method.

Aesiron, don’t feel bad. I refer to it as the “my motor skills suck” method. :smiley:

Double-bight, double-lash.

    *       *
    *       *
    *       *
    |       |
laces come out upper eyelets, 
cross over twice,
are pulled tight

the loose end on one side is bent
into a loop or bight
of which this is an unfortunately
obscene representation:

 /   \
|     |  
|     |
 |   |

the other loose end is wrapped 
around it twice with the thumb
in the way to hold an open space

thumb is removed, remaining bit
of loose end is made into bight
and tucked into hole left when
thumb is removed.

loops tugged down tight.

I have some sort of dyslexia for knot tying (main reason why I never made it to the rank of Eagle Scout). Also, being left-handed, I could never follow what my right-handed “teachers” were doing. I couldn’t learn the one loop method when I was a kid so I’ve used the two loop (bunny ears) method ever since I learned it (now 30 years old). I do have HORRIBLE problem with my shoes spontaneously untying themselves, however, to the point that I double or triple tie them (doesn’t help much either).

I followed the link to the one loop method and practiced a few times (at my desk at work :smiley: ). I think I’m finally old enough to understand it.

Ack, I was just in England, and spent many a minute retying my shoes the “simpleton” way on the busy sidewalks of London! :o

Could someone explain to me, in simple terms, the “two loop” or “bunny ears” method? I have only ever come across the “one loop and around” method.

After reading about this other method, I tried it out, and I couldn’t get it to work. Strikes me that you need three hands – one to hold each loop together, and one to tie them together. When I tried to tie them together, the loops fell apart. How can this possibly be “easier” for kids with fumbly hands? :confused:

17, and usually 2 loops and sometimes I just leave them untied or stuff the laces in my shoes…but when I tie them it’s always with 2 bunny ears because I never learned the other way.

I’m 47, and use the one-loop standard shoelace knot, and I can still remember the day I learned to tie my shoes by myself! I remember where I was, and what shoes they were, and how proud I was of myself, and how happy my mom was.

When this topic came up in the other thread about telling time on an analog clock and tying shoes, I polled the 18-22 year olds around me and they all could tell time and tie their shoes the grown-up way. I’m so proud!

i use both methods. it depends on whether i’m going for a pretty bow for a package or just tying my shoes.