How do you verify backup copies of files (Android)

Md5 checksum files have been the gold standard for 25 years.

It was so simple on a pc. Run the crc software, create the tiny crc text file. Store it with your data. You can right click with a mouse on a crc file and verify the checksum.

I can’t find a way to do it on Android. I installed an app, MD5 checker. It’s almost useless. It doesn’t create md5 files. I tried to do a checksum on a movie backed up to Google. It copied a 5GB file back to my phone!

I’m already way low on disk space. That’s why I purchased Google drive space for backups.

There has to be a simple way to verify a checksum before deleting the original?

What am I missing? Is their a checksum feature in Google drive App?

It seems crazy to blindly copy to Google drive and delete the original without a checksum.

Try sha256sum

Thank you.

It doesn’t take much data corruption to make a video unplayable. They’re sensitive to bit rot.