How Do You

I can add a link to my post by typing

But I see that some know how to “rename” the link so that when it appears in their post, it might say

check out this here link
How do you do that???



Take a look at this:

The part you want is at the bottom of the section on “URL Hyperlinking”.

If you hit the ‘quote’ button beneath my post here, the third paragraph of code you see will be all you need. You will see that the number following the ‘threadid=’ part needs to be changed to the relevant number of of the thread where you want the link to point (for that number, look at the threadid in the browser window when viewing the actual thread you want to refer to).

Also, the wording of the link itself needs to be changed (from: “This is the second paragraph”) to what you want it to say. Then it’s just copy and paste.
This is the third paragraph
That’s one way that seems starightforward (to me), there are many others. Someone else may have a simpler solution.

To make a link the way you say just type in the following

[url=“”]vBulletin Home Page[/url]

and you get

vBulletin Home Page

To link a specific post hover over the reply with quote and use the post id no. in the following****

your first post to this thread is this link using postid = 1033508.