How does a guy find a good hair salon?

Being a guy I know nothing about fashion. I would like to find a real good hair salon, instead of just going to some place like Great Clips. Any suggestions? I am in the Greensboro NC area if you know of one.

Do you need to go to a “salon”? If you don’t know anything about fashion do you have fancy sort of haircut? I just go to a barber that is recommended by friends in the area. A stand-alone place, not a chain like Hair Cuttery, but it doesn’t cost much more.

Real men go to barber shops, or cut their own hair. Some have their SO’s cut their hair. If you’re cool with being a metrosexual, go to a salon. There are a lot of better things you could spend that $60 bucks on though.

Next time you see a guy with a haircut you like ask him where he got it cut.

Real men do whatever the fuck they want. :rolleyes:

REAL men are so pumped with testosterone that they’re not capable of growing headhair.

I don’t know that area myself, but my advice for finding a salon is…Get some gay friends. Or do like this gay guy does and go to the cheap place around the corner. :smiley: If you’re just getting a basic cut you don’t need a salon, they all have the same training the fancy place just charges more.

You sort of find one by accident. When I first moved here, I went to several places, and got a crappy haircut at each. Then I went to a “salon” at the mall. The girl who did my hair was very good at it, so I gave her all my business. She moved to a new place and I went. She got her own place and I went. A couple of years later, she’s so busy that I can’t get an appointment. I’ve tried since May, and three months beyond when I needed to get my hair cut is too long a wait. It was a good arrangement for seven years, but when I need my hair cut, I need my hair cut, and not to have to call you every week for ten weeks without being able to get in.

Last weekend, I was desperate and went to a small place in a strip mall. The girl did a good job. I think now she’ll get all my business. It only cost $13, plus a tip. No waiting.

I’ve often wondered this myself. My technique thus far has been trial and error. I’ve probably been to 30 salons and barber shops since I was in college.

Every barber shop or chain I’ve ever been to sucked, worst haircuts I’ve ever gotten. I’m not especially vain, but I have thick poofy hair that most barbers seem to have no clue how to deal with.

When I moved to Chicago, I was lucky enough to find a good salon near my old apartment, and I still drive the half hour to get my hair cut.

hijack How does one learn to speak “hair”? I have no idea to describe what I want. “Top of the ear” is what I usually say, but I don’t even know what it means.

most of the gals at supercuts etc are new grads of beauty school. open the phone book, if you can’t ask someone where they get their hair cut, and look up a hair salon with a “hippish” sounding name. someplace other than “gerties house of curl”. See if the ad says something like master hair stylists or award winning sylists or anything that sounds like they have extra training and cater to a younger market. I’m sure they have someone who can give you a decent basic cut and not cost a fortune. 60$ for a man’s haircut is rediculous! 30$ for basic plus tip is about the upper limit - that’s for boulder. co

My barber, along with many others, seems to use a numerical system whereby a No. 1 leaves you practically bald, No. 2 slightly more hair and so on. This doesn’t account for styling if that is a factor. Hopefully someone will come along to clarify this.

Having a haircut is an unusual phenomenon in that if the cut given to you is unsatisfactory there’s not much you can do about it. After all, they can’t stick it back on. I’ve had some horrific haircuts in my time. That’s why it’s a good idea to follow your barber around if he moves.

ask these guys

Ask your barber/stylist while you’re having a hair cut. Ask them how to describe what you want.

In my post about the hair stylist I had to quit, I thought maybe I came off a bit callous. I’d like to clarify that she is such a good stylist, as are the other women who work at her salon, that they are now booked solid far in advance. I’m happy for her success. She’s just so busy now, she’s all booked up when I’m available. Oh well, there are other stylists, and I seem to have found a good one. Their place had only one other customer when I went in, so maybe I can support their business. It’s in a kind of out-of-the-way place. I’m all for supporting local businesses.

How are those highlights working out?

Maybe I should just ask the guy in the mall where he got his hair cut. That’s never weird, for either party. I guess I’d rather ask my Mom or my sister. That is, if I couldn’t decide on a style myself.

I guess real men like a haircut that makes them look like a Marine or a retard. Most barbers seem to only know how to use the clippers and doing it yourself usually leaves…unpredictable results.
My general rule is to find the most metrosexual, if not homosexual looking salon in the neighborhood. Check out the clientelle - are there a lot of young hip guys with cool hair coming in and out?

I avoid getting my haircut by black or hispanic women, Every time I have done so it has been a disaster. I would imagine the reason for this is they are used to dealing with different types of hair and have different cultural definition as to what is “cool”. White girls tend to make your hair to “pretty” so I generally stick with a metrosexual looking male stylist.

It’s not a perfect formula, but it works.

Another thing. While it is useful to know haircut terminology like “fade”, “layer” or whatnot, a picture usually tells a thousand words. Their tendency is to give you a shorter version of what you got going on now, so it helps to bring a picture of either yourself with a decent haircut or an actor with a similar shaped head with a hairstyle you like. For example, I might use a picture of Keanu Reeves or John Cussack because we share a big forehead, narrow face and thick black hair and about the same age. I wouldn’t use a picture of Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher because they have a completely different shaped head (althrough my hair has kind of settled into a kind of cross between an Ashton-esque mop and Vince from Entourage).

Please explain to me how that is not racist, mysogynistic, or gender-biased. In this post alone, you defame Marines, the mentally challenged, Latinas, African American women, and white girls. Explain yourself.

With reference to this post you may be interested in this thread.

I find your previous post less than appropriate.

Oh, lighten up. Both marines and retards don’t have much of a say in their hairstyles. They’re designed for convenience, not aesthetics. And it’s certainly not unreasonable to suggest that different races will have different cultral backgrounds which influence their aesthetic sense.