How does anyone find a midwife? Can anyone recommend one in Manhattan?

I post this quietly praying that my sister, who hasn’t visited here in nearly four months, doesn’t come across it. And if you do, Z, don’t tell anybody, and act shocked when I tell you about your pending aunt-hood later, OK?

How does anybody go about finding a midwife? I am almost six weeks along in my first pregnancy, and am overwhelmed by the fact that, unlike with any other finding-of-medical-professional that I’ve ever done in my life, I can’t ask my friends for recommendations! (We have not yet even told our parents; Mr. GilaB wants to wait to tell even them until after the first trimester, although I am pushing to tell them sooner, perhaps in a few weeks.)

I don’t have any particular relationship with an ob-gyn, since my own (who was only OK) moved on from her practice since my last visit. I’d prefer a midwife, anyway, since I have the sense that she will be less likely to treat me as a horrible emergency (and big lawsuit) waiting to happen than might a doctor. I’d like to deliver in a hospital, and don’t think of myself as particularly crunchy-granola, but would prefer to avoid many interventions if possible. I like providers who gives me information and let me make my own decisions without pushing me too hard towards their preferred option, who won’t guilt me out if I decide I want an epidural, but won’t push the pitocin, either. (I’m eminently aware that all of this is very dependent on what happens in the moment, and that I can’t plan and choreograph the whole thing.) I’m finding it hard to make a decision based on the scattered reviews I’m finding online, mostly at the kind of high-strung website UrbanBaby. How did you go about finding one?

If you have a Manhattan recommendation for someone accessible from Northern Manhattan (ie the western half of the island, north of 14th St.) who’s not at St. Lukes Roosevelt (none of their midwives take my insurance), I’d love to hear it. I’ve heard scary things about Columbia Presbyterian from friends who delivered there with OBs, and from an acquaintance who’s a labor and delivery nurse there, but they have a big, my-insurance-accepting midwifery practice - anybody have any experience with them? They’re practically next door to me, and have an amazing NICU, so I’m still a bit tempted, although scared off by the hospital’s 40% C-section rate.